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If you switch to GLES2, you would need to rewrite all graphic commands, this would include 3D and 2D. Additionally this would break compatibility with old platforms that do not support GLES2.
Or alternatively we could try to use something like Regal, that translates GLES1 calls 2 GLES2 calls. So not much porting would need to be done and than we could add new features, like shader support.

This is no new issue and has been debated before many times, but nothing happend (and probably never will).
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Really interesting this library you comment. At least thanks because I don't know something like this exists.
I think the same like you, always we use OpenGl 1.0 .

I think really do a nice game in 3D have to be really complex (too much hours for do only 3d graphics) , and perhaps is better only do 2d games, I see a lot of people using Unity3d for do 2dGames, because they see ,do 3d games need too much effort.


I had a look at Regal and it completely bamboozled me. :S


Quote from: erico on 2016-Dec-13
I think one user wrapped some other 3d engine (blitz?) a while ago, it seemed to work fine on win pc, could this help you out?

This was me. See here...

This is openB3D(which was itself a port of MiniB3D). It worked well but I it was not GLES compatible at the time and I needed mobile but I understand the latest OpenB3D maybe working with GLES now?


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