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Thank you very much for all the work you are doing.
Sorry 4 quality...

Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2013-Jun-19
The S4 returned 1? Like "ONE"? Or the windows desktop?
Can you send me the console output of the Android log?
Gernot, I'm sorry but I do not understand really how to do. With the GLB or on the device?
yes ONE .

how I do kitty ?

Inviato dal mio GT-I9505 con Tapatalk 2

damn my English!
spacfractal I'm sorry, I should not write "strange" (strange).
I answered Gernot on command on S4, but I did not know because it is the first time I use the beta version V11.

Anyone who needs to test on S4 (4.2.2), I am available .

glb 11.414 return a strange result = 1 on  1080x1920 desktop ...

this is the simple code that I use:

// --------------------------------- //
// Project: TEST
// Start: Tuesday, June 18, 2013
// IDE Version: 11.414

SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // go to media files

TYPE coord

LOCAL desk AS coord
LOCAL font AS coord

LOADFONT "smalfont.png" ,0
GETFONTSIZE  font.x, font.y

GETDESKTOPSIZE desk.x, desk.y


PRINT "  X: " + desk.x, 0, font.y
PRINT "  Y: " + desk.y, 0, font.y * 2

PRINT "DPI: " + dpi$ , 0, font.y * 4



Inviato dal mio GT-I9505 con Tapatalk 2

thank you BigSoft !!! I recently upgraded to 4.2.x and I could not find this mode that seemed to have been overshadowed by v4.2

Inviato dal mio GT-I9505 con Tapatalk 2

I played to Minecraft while ago.
I also tried to create a (small) redstone simulator but it never worked properly because of too many errors in Minecraft (pistons) ;)
TNKS Ian  :)

yes bigsoft, it was so roughly, then I tried it was simpler ... and it was!

The coordinates where correctly read GetPixel are turned through 180° and differ from the original position with the result of the difference between the width and the height of the screen.

So I think both uncomplicated resolution for Gernot.

@spacefractal: ok to move the post in the correct board but do not have the privileges to do (or not do it?)

@bigsofty: also happened on V11.263 (and... finally I changed Avatar!)

Maybe I explained myself badly.
I have attached an example ( of how it is possible to perform properly GetPixel also in the manner described above, but I see no download.
On Android I need to use the command GetPixel and until GERNOT not solve the problem, in my opinion, is the most efficient way to do it.
(Google translated)

GERNOT, I apologize if the problem is already known and being resolved.

Recently doing some testing on Android that creating a screen mode PORTRAIT and setting ORIENTATION = 1 to obtain a screen LANDSCAPE, GetPixel returned incorrect values and this error occurs on Windows creating the same mode screen.

After several tests I was able to understand that the read error occurs when you create a different screen mode from original, for example on a LANDSCAPE screen (then Width>Height and ORIENTATION = 1 or = 3) to obtain a PORTRAIT screen and viceversa if on a PORTRAIT screen (ie Height>Width and always ORIENTATION = 1 or = 3) to obtain a LANDSCAPE screen.

Also on these modes of Orientation I found a mathematical relationship that shows that the command GetPixel in reality can not find the correct value of the memory by the mouse coordinates but in other parts of the screen.

I conclude, therefore, that the problem is probably just mathematics where it reads the graphics memory to take the value of GetPixel in function of incorrect screen coordinates.


Sorry for the trouble... 

mistake novices ... My other application on the device with the same name :whistle:
Hi there,

(translated with Google)  ;)

I have always compiled on Android with GLBasic without problems,
But yesterday I discovered, unfortunately, have expired certificates.
I followed this post but without success.  :(
I get this message after compilation.

*** Configuration: ANDROID ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.9.829 SN:13f2e703 - 3D, NET
Wordcount:138 commands
running Android build-script...
BUILD STAGE 1: Compile and pack
     [echo] Creating output directories if needed...
     [echo] Compiling aidl files into Java classes...
     [echo] Compiling RenderScript files into Java classes and RenderScript bytecode...
     [echo] Generating / from the resources...
     [echo] Converting compiled files and external libraries into C:\lebbo\POINT\distribute\Android\bin\classes.dex...
     [echo] Packaging resources
     [echo] No and key.alias properties found in
     [echo] Please sign C:\lebbo\POINT\distribute\Android\bin\glbasic-unsigned.apk manually
     [echo] and run zipalign from the Android SDK tools.

Total time: 8 seconds
BUILD STAGE 2: Install on device
     [echo] Creating output directories if needed...
     [echo] Compiling aidl files into Java classes...
     [echo] Compiling RenderScript files into Java classes and RenderScript bytecode...
     [echo] Generating / from the resources...
     [echo] Converting compiled files and external libraries into C:\lebbo\POINT\distribute\Android\bin\classes.dex...
     [echo] Packaging resources
     [echo] Running zip align on final apk...
     [echo] Debug Package: C:\lebbo\POINT\distribute\Android\bin\glbasic-debug.apk
     [echo] Installing C:\lebbo\POINT\distribute\Android\bin\glbasic-debug.apk onto default emulator or device...

Total time: 13 seconds
finished Android build-script.
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 37.8 sec. Time: 14:00
Build: 1 succeeded.

Apk file is not installed on the device, I think I understand that the APK file is not properly signed (bold lines)

Windows 7 (EN)
JavaSDK 1.6.0_30
Glbasic 10.283 and 11.261

Reinstall the current SDK or a better version? or... I have to change some parameters in the command I used?
Code (glbasic) Select
C:\Users\Administrator\.android>"c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_30\bin\keytool.exe" -genkey -keypass android -keystore debug.keystore -alias androiddebugkey -storepass android -validity 1000 -dname "CN=Android Debug,O=Android,C=US"

Thanks, and Happy ST Patrick Day  :booze:

Puzzle Game, FREE !!!


This is the evolution of the game released for PACC-2010 , improved with new features and intuitive controls  :good:
no button for return, just touch with two finger.
(poor menu due to lack of free time :zzz: )

the same simple rules: Move each Snake on their own eggs.

In this version you can find enemies/obstacle like: snakes without eggs or special tile that allow/deny the movement.

64 levels that will entertain fans of the genre.


Horse Hero,  € 0,79

a very simple PUZZLE-BOARD game (my first one game on iPhone, thanks to all for patience and support  :) ).

Can you solve the riddle of this puzzle, set in the game of chess?

Move the horse as in chess and remove all boxes.

iTunes link:

[attachment deleted by admin]
Quote from: Millerszone on 2011-Jun-04
Hit the Deck Baseball SD(update) and Just Pong SD apps got approved yesterday.
I am using latest XCode and GLBasic  Beta 9.104.
i Had too many errors (WARNINGS) with xcode4, maybe I'll install the latest 3.2.6-sdk4.2;

I used the NETWEBGET command for leaderboards.
If your app is accessing the internet, then test app in airplane mode to make sure it doesn't crash and
give some kind of notification that internet is not available or app could be rejected.
I have not planned to use the netwebget command but I remember your advice... even warning that the SAVE is local
For Default.png I just used a transparent image, I don't like that little flash.
I have not noticed the flicker because I generally use the transparency in PNG image; I'll try anyway just for curiosity  :P