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Hey all.
I have my scores in a.txt file on my webspace. "www.xxxxxxxx"
with netwebget I can read the file and output it from within Glbasic with no problems.
Now I want to write back to this .txt from Glbasic. How can I do this. netwebget just reads.

Thanks all
Hi all.
I would like to host an online score directly from my website. So basically you have a high score and submit to site, then it gets updated. Voila!  :enc:
I can read contents from the webpage with netwebget command but obviously not write to it.
Is this doable with Glbasic alone or do I need to bring in another programming language to the scene?
Also can scores be submitted to facebook, I'm pretty sure you need PHP or another appropriate language for this? though my main concern at the moment is the online score, and not the facebook part ! Any pro help is more than welcome.
Thanks all,
App Name: Foosball World Championship 2010
Category: Games
Released: Feb 10, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 2.6 MB
Language: English
Seller: Joe Pitto

Get ready to play the craziest Foosball game for your iPod.  :S

Try and get that ball into your opponent's goal before he gets that ball into your own goal.

Unlike many other table soccer games, Foosball World Championship offers the user to perform many tricks. You and only you are in full control of your player rods.
Slide them, spin them or manually move them forward and backwards to perform nice combination shots.

Foosball is very easy to pick up but also very challenging for those pro players.

-Really smooth full 360 degrees screen scrolling.
-Very realistic game physics.
-Impressive Artificial Intelligence making for the most enjoyable experience.
-Enable/Disable auto goalie for players 1 and 2.
-Play vs iPod player or take on any of your friends and family in 2 player mode.
-Play in three different football pitches each with their own unique play and visuals.
-Play in 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 formation settings to play defensively or offensively.
-Play as any of the 32 Qualifying Teams.
-Each team offers its own skill level.
-Nice colourful cartoon graphics representing all National teams.
-Take on the ultimate challenge in Tournament mode and claim the Trophy as your own.

-Tap screen with one finger whilst moving from side to side to move the rod sideways.
-Move your finger upwards or downwards to kick ball softly in that direction.
-Tap screen with two fingers to make players spin and kick ball harder.
-The rest is upto you to explore.

Foosball World Championship 2010 offers the best gameplay and control at an amazing price.

Official Website:

Hello all. I finally bought my intel mac book pro i7.
after 3 days of messing around with it and downloading iOS sdk (latest version from apple) and downloading updating snow Leopard to v 10.6.5. I finally got to install the mac xcode with the iOS bundle. (how painful specially been new to mac world)
well now I try to compile for Iphone i do all the normal GLBasic stuff and open up the app from xcode. follow all the tutorials from here and glbasic.
Well i get the copy bundle p-list error together with code sign error:. This is to do with the official $99 dev license right?
Well now I try to enroll to that and it states that the facility is not available from my country? lol. then why can I select it from the pull down menu. Im from Gibraltar by the way. South of Spain in Europe.
Anyone encountered this, what should I do, ive also e-mailed apple, but im sure they will take ages to answer.
Its just that i've spent loads of cash and feel a bit bad when nothing works properly.
Thanks all.
Just use this my friend.

LOCAL time_at_start%//remember to define this variable as global if you will output time on different functions etc.

*your main loop starts here
PRINT "time_elapsed: "+INTEGER((GETTIMERALL()-time_at_start))/1000,10,10
It will give you time elapsed and output it as an INT.
If you want float, remove the INTEGER command and play with it to give you float to the decimal place you require.
Hope this is what you want, but if it's not then we will help you further.

Hello all, my name is Joe an old blitzmax user. I have been messing around with GLbasic v8 free version for 2d stuff only. I must say its a neat language and the option of compiling for various platforms is a bonus altogether. I have also seen the community is very friendly.

This version ofcourse does not incorporate net stuff and 3d.

My question is the following. How good is Glbasic for net games. does it lack, as soon as 2+ players join a seesion or is it on a par with other popular languages.

Please just post if you have tried this before, dont just post yes its perfect and you havent even coded net stuff before   :S

Any wise remarks will be very much appreciated.
Thanks for fast replies guys, really like to come back few hours later from my initial post and see some comments.

Well you might be having a new GLBasic user very very soon.

Seems a very good change and can't wait to start on porting my game Fluffy which I have completed in Blitz. Perhaps try it out for IPod Touch, but buying a mac hurts as they are pretty expensive.  :'(


Hello Gl Basic users.

Just would like to know if there are any ex Blitz Basic users using GLBasic.
If there are, would you be so kind as to tell me how it compares to Blitz generally.

Is it fast for blitting images, maths commands, networking etc. ;/

I am downloading demo to give it a good try, but that would be some days before I test the language, the reason why I would like someone with months years of experience to shed some light here  :good:

I am moving from Blitz definately and want to find out if GLbasic is a good viable path to take for games programming.

Thanks in advance