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Hey guys.

Hope everyone is doing great.

I have been a ghost lately, I have been missing in action for over a year now. I took a long programming break and hopefully re-starting my hobby once again.

Yes indeed Fluzz got greenlit long time ago and I just left it, I needed a break from PC, iOS and all this S*** :P

I started work on FLuzz and making it PC ready, its looking ace. OMG yes comments are useful, I never thought they were. >year old code and you don't know where to start.

Anyway back to you Space. Is the whole Steam process a pain or is it a smooth one?

Speak soon.
Yes I have been looking into Lua. Bought Roberto Ierusalimschy's book, Lua's author.

I really find its syntax a bit weird but I am slowly getting used to it, and once you surpass that stage, it seems quite simple. Not much to it really.

Hi have just stumbled upon Corona SDK, it seems quite good to me for 2D, which is what I will continue doing to be honest.

Before I jump there, has anyone tried it, what do you think of this SDK. And it has in-app, which is a must for me moving further.

Thanks guys.

What I'll probably do is use GLBasic for my old projects, the code is there, why re-write, and perhaps use Corona for new projects.

Thanks guys.

I will write a report once done. I still have to work things out with steam. I have two games to do all this for Steam. I need more hours a day for all I have to do and maintain. This is becoming insane, lol.

Kind regards
Hi guys and thanks.

Yes Adventures of Fluzz has been my biggest most ambitious GLBasic project.

Wow totally unexpected.

My game Adventures of Fluzz has also being accepted for Steam Games Portal.

I had already forgotten about this on steam lol. Totally shocked!!!

Thanks for reading.
Hi Space, this project was finished before 01 June 2015, therefore I did not have to. Next project will have to be with your 64bit project of-course.

Ill keep you posted.

Hello everyone,

Best Board Games has been in the works for months. We are really pleased to inform you that version 3.0 is now ready to be downloaded straight from Apple AppStore.

Best board games is the best in its genre. A unique amazing collection of all your favourite games that can be played with up to 6 friends or against robot players with 3 levels of difficulty.

5 amazing games only available for Apple
Animated players (not like other boring board games)
Proper football kits for your playing pieces
Play with up to 6 players
High quality graphics for all devices
An easy to use interface, which is great for kids and adults
Learn to count as you move your token (ideal for kids)
Win and collect magic stars
Use 5 magic stars to roll any number you need
Play on easy, normal and hard levels
Save your progress and resume whenever you want
Keep tabs on your progress and hi-scores for every game
Compare your scores online with the rest of the world
Relax and enjoy the most complete and entertaining board game
No in-app purchases. Buy once, own it all.

Would you like to see other games and features?
Please let us know... We would love to hear from you.

Full version Link:

Free version Link:
GLBasic - en / Re: Tweet
I need a hero too.
Space I have not had time to look into that at the moment. I have been so busy with updating my app 'best board games' people are asking me for updates and game is becoming really popular. I am implementing so many new features and ideas, its insane :P

This was why I also asked about the tweet thing, but I could not make it work without browser :(

However, I will be really happy to look into the iOS 64 bit updates as soon as I am done with this :) and report back to you.

Yes of course. I will update that today hopefully.

Make GLBasic known will be good.
Hey guys, I had intentions on replying yesterday but very busy and had an early night :)

6 Nights was coded in GLBasic, I just put BlitzMax as a quick option as GLBasic was not an option on Desura, but worry not I will add it myself and update it.

So confirmed. 6 Nights 100% coded in GLBasic. :)

On this note, when you have a chance please visit my website and please give me some advice on how I could improve it.
Nabz mentioned it was good. Others? please?

Thanks guys.

GLBasic - en / Re: Tweet
Totally given up. Looked at many examples and they just work via Browser.

I think I'm going to have to use this via NETWEBEND.

What do you guys think of allowing player to tweet when he finishes the game, would it be that annoying? Remember that app will terminate / lose focus.

GLBasic - en / Re: Tweet
Hi have tried and tried but can only make it work via NETWEBEND.
NETWEBGET$ gives me error 400 (bad request).

I can only make it work with NETWEBEND which calls your default browser.

I have no idea. Anyone?
Talking about websites...

I really want to change my website to make it look better and make you want to come again and again.

Please when you have time, check and tell me how my website could be improved. I suck at web design :)

Thanks to all again.