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hehe :)

Thanks Space.

It would be awesome if this could be done in some way, I would love to re-live my old projects.

Thanks again mate.
Anyone tried GLBasic with ios11.

I played with it the other day, but I did not manage to get it to work. The project name was karmamiwa, if I recall that is spacefractal's game name right?

Just let me know if you have got it working for iOS.

Hello everyone.

Quick question if I may.

Hope you are all doing fine. It has been such a long time. I have had a big break from coding all together.

I checked that my iOS apps are no longer working because of iOS 11 bla bla bla!

Does GLBasic still compile for iOS or are all my games long gone!

Thanks guys.
We are now currently working on our next update for Lud O the Rings, and we are changing game to free this weekend in order to get as many players involved as possible.

If you like the game in any way and have a minute to spare, a review in the app store would be a very kind gesture, but of course this is up to you.

App Store Link:
I made a port to Android.

Game is called Fantasy Ludo.

It is free, but restricted to only human characters.


By the way this is my first game released on play store, I cannot see my app unless I actually search for it by name. Isn't there a new releases category where my app should be seen. Now I understand why there are no downloads :)

Off Topic / Lud O the Rings
I am posting my latest game in off-topic because it is my first full game using Corona. As you all know or most of you are aware, I have been using GLBasic for years and still do, but wanted to try something different.

The Story:
Embark on the most exciting board game adventure you will ever experience. A perfect mix between fantasy and Ludo that will have you totally hooked with its stunning cute visuals, ease of use and replayability.

Choose from 5 playable races, with more coming in future updates, each with their own skills and personalities.

In Lud O the Rings, no one is safe, there is danger in every corner and you should learn to use your skills and abilities in order to stay alive and succeed. Play with all the classes and get to know their strengths and weaknesses and put them to use in battle.

Make your ordinary Ludo board game come alive with this strategical, engaging game inside a magical world with fantasy creatures.

Bring your friends over, order some yummy pizza and play the most enjoyable ludo board game you will ever experience on iOS.

Apple App Store Download Link:

I wanted to give 5 promo codes on a first come, first serve basis.


Thank you all for your time.
New website design and feel.

Check it out and let me know.

Thanks as always.
Yep Ill keep that in mind.

Going good :)
Thanks guys for comments. I agree Sly those mario 4 player games are insanely fun. Give me that and don't give me COD etc lol.

Anyways I have completely re-designed my website, what do you think?

Thanks again.
BTW, I will look into trading cards, I am also working on the game to make it two player.

Hi all,

No, no promotion at all.

Should I ?


Nope, no shoebox, an uncompressed media dir was sufficient.

Hey guys, hope you are all doing great!

6 Nights is now live on Steam too.

Thanks for reading
Thanks Space.

Here is the new video of Fluzz.

Hope you all enjoy it!