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yep I heard pandora support? pandora looks like a neat plataform... would be nice.
very expensive indeed, I remember my dad getting sick (psychologicaly) after buying me an amiga 500. bearing in mind computers in brazil at that time (90s) costed a MINIMUM of twice the price advertised on foreign magazines, not to count that our money at the time was 1 to 10 for dollars and a lot more for pounds...
same with me, magazines like rainbow and some eletronic(subject not midia hehe) magazines for the tk-82c (2kb of memory! UAU who could ask for more??).
my god! nice!
sorry I'm new here, didn't know...

I'll look for a control early next year,
as soon as I finish my compo entry, if I ever get to that hehe.

really nice, I wonder how it works! thanks
happens on my desktop too.
Hi everyone,

maybe you already know about this, but I should share anyway.
look at what johnny lee achieved some time ago:

I find it quite inspiring (genius), add to that if could write glbasic app for that!
I agree with Doimus,
but then again, the hardware is theirs, they should be able to do whatever they want with it, we buy if we agree with it. Think about if you were on their shoes, of course letting it open sounds great (I believe), but I can also think of a condition or two that would not.
Good thing we have a lot of alternatives on plataforms now a days.

...and yeah, that golden rule is golden!
Explained perfectly, thanks a lot.
I wonder if folding subs would be difficult to implement in the IDE.
I have a feeling it could make it easier for beginners to jump into glbasic.
thanks again!
I agree with Hatonastick

helicopter game I loved was ZEEWOLF,
the name was also cool, maybe something on this line?


I will came up with more tomorrow...
suddenly I remmembered AIR SUPPORT, was neat and complex:
them comments are not good though, and few screen shots, but I enjoyed the underground structures and the carrier command feel to it, hope it all helps
thanks future crow, folding subroutines in the IDE is what I was looking for.

I'm a messy programmer, learned to use arrays just some time ago, before that I would duplicate the variables and duplicate the code to achieve let's say, a second player. Can you believe it?not to mention enemies!! I remmember my 2 player fight game on the amiga to have something like 3k lines of code! (I still have the code).

Anyway my programs tend to get really big, I try to organize it by making it modular and lot's of documentations(rem), so a lot of subroutines pop up. Problem is that if I stay away from it, let's say a week, it becomes a pain to understand it again.

Folding subroutines helped me a lot on amos on these issues, so I was looking for it.

I understand nowadays there are a lot of ways to make the code more readable and efficient, I particularly enjoy the post on TYPES that is going on right now on the forum.

It is just that I'm learning it all and sometimes I want to achieve results by whatever way I can.

I noticed you can have tabs with extra codes on the ide, are they independent? can I, say, put a subroutine in a tab and make my main program look for that? is it possible? would they share global variables?

Thanks for the help, I believe the problem here is me, I should study more on the ways to keep the code clean and organized with the so many new commands glbasic offer on that. but folding helped this poor programmer sooo muuuuch!
is it possible to fold subroutines in glbasic like, for example,  AMOS used to do?
Does anyone have an idea on achieving similar goal? I'm sure there must be a way but it escapes me, help?

that second part made me remember programing basic on my first machine, a tandy color computer(coco2), hell that is mind frying on the first look, but efficient! could not help laugh when you said "low memory" as there were only 16kb available for coco basic...

excellent suggestions and snip!

Redostrike, I did not mean to let school loose, was just a joke, sorry. But again, if you need some help on the gfx, I would gladly help! I myself have to deal with freelance work and other bits that for sure get on my will to make part of this comp, I don't even know if I can finish in time yet, may have to drop some ideas... sad.

I got the idea of the rules now, but I could never hint as good as Futurecrow just did
something on the likes of EPIC on the amiga would be nice. Now if that option for a race game is not a joke, I'm found of stunt car race hehe.

if it could be a sci fi, maybe something as cool and complex as mechwarrior would be a gift (ships instead of robots of corse).

One good sci fi sim old school I think is a good reference is WARHEAD, check it here:
looks nice, I heard yathzee before but I don't know the rules (dices are not famous in brazil),
hey if you need some gfx for that count me in, rendering dices are fun.

I don't know what you mean by 'hold dices math' since I don't know the game rules, I will look into it and see if I can come up with any idea.

I guess what is important is for the game to be fun, keep up!
school and stuff can always wait for a little hehe, just joking
yep nice comp, got me into trying glbasic.
Go ahead lay some code! I think a board game is, some of them, easy to make. Now AI seems more difficult.
What game do you have in mind redostrike?
I made another possible gfx for solaris, this one seems to be final, I'm now back into the AI.

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