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I always wanted to slide the blocks in from the sides. The left block should rotate during this. At the end the top block that does a quick rebounce.

can you explain this further?
slick video you have there... eeeenvy!
Not programming but with film projects, we often had similar cases,
som team members would put their initials or so, 100% of the time it happened
was because this same people did a shit job through the project and
didn't want to have their names related. In one certain ocasion, our sound director
did such a shitty job, and it was so hard to fix it at post production, that I fought with
the team to put his full name on the credit, so people could see who was responsible for it.

In your case, I don't know, it could be that the person wants to work on different kind of projects and want his name associated with what he wants to make a carrer on? How old is he?
the challenge level (dificulty) had sure decreased, it's what first puts me down on new games...
Hi yaKC,

Like you said I use to code the same way and did in fact achieve my things.
Thanks to the glbasic and this forum, I learned quite a lot, could probaly reduce my old codes 90%. Functions are still a ghost for me, but I'm workng on it...
Off Topic / Re: sculptris
best read the instructions there guys... keep the detail tap on minimun (press space) and you will not add extra poligons to the geometry, this way you can control the subdivisions, there are other ways to control it too. Be sure to read the docs and check around their forum, don't forget doctor petter has other alwesome tools on animation and sound, be sure to check his stuff
Off Topic / Re: Good spriter
try grafx2 here:

you should also look into pd pro here:

grafx2 is free, pd pro has a free version too, go check, they both are similar to dpaint in a way and
are really cool, maybe we should list cool free apps in a thread to help everybody out?

have fun
I guess lwo and lws support (lightwave object and scene) would be nice for me, I currently can use my objects by doing some convertion, but it would be faster if direct support exists. I was planning to put up a tool do explore architectural environments and this sure would make things easier, specially with global mapping I guess. Anyway, I know it is an egocentric request, maybe support to the more general 3d files would do everyone good.
so did I, I enjoyed the almost impossible difficult level, loading time though was pretty bad.
sorry, it has been a while, but I just had to come around and say thanks for this feature, it is really important for me, really, I'm not an advanced programmer but I strive to get my things done, this helps a lot. Thanks! Thanks!
thanks a loooot :nw:
I like the machine and the idea, but stretching a technology piece for 2 years? won't it be weak when it arrives? My guess is that it won't be mass, but then again almost all of the indi handhelds aren't?

Maybe tech is not that important in handheds... I like the GBA, and I own an atary linx with a bunch of cool games I still play to this day. (yes it work perfectly, some flaws on the lcd, but that's nothing)

I was also looking into natami too. but that is not a handheld.

I hope it all goes well with then and we get to see a cheap-mass-open-powerfull handheld soon.

> Then you have the weird situation: faking fake 3D in real 3D.

Just made my day! thanks!
this is only my opinion not advice since macs are expensive and I personally don't like them much.... could go for a mini-mac, but check what the people on the forum has to say, specially those that are already producing for the i-phone.