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Beta Tests / Re: Sandscape
oops, didn't mean to recreate background,
I meant an auto mode that could simulate the air bubbles at the top dropping different tone of sand colors... like the original one.
I guess this app replicates those flat water aquariums that drop colored sands over bubbles right?
Maybe having the bubbles as collision objects and bending the i-pad sideways moves the bubbles so to affect sand falling could add to what you have so far! didn't check last version yet, will do soon...cheers!
Beta Tests / Re: Sandscape
I agree with cliff3d, an auto mode should be nice.
You said you have tried some... post them as they work as layout or inspiration.
Beta Tests / Re: Sandscape
back again, with a little pic...

[attachment deleted by admin]
Beta Tests / Re: Sandscape
nice app, here are my thoughts...

- neutral background, go for grey 126, if the idea is to fill the screen, black colors suffer from black background, optional background pictures maybe?

-precision, maybe a flow control? fast slow?

-interface is nice, but to switch to another screen kind of burns the sensation of construction something, or it's just me, what about an interface like sculptris?

nice job!
Code Snippets / Re: ZONES
Agree with doimus, polivector zones for box collision would be great.  Although I guess the same functionality could be achieved some other way.

oh god, I live in Brazil, but to tell the truth I rather live in a cold place, fells more productive...
Off Topic / Re: New Book
I'm checking it, by the way, excellent job you got there! Outstandiest! hehe
thks for sharing too.
Off Topic / Re: New Book
download the [GLBasic Programmers Reference Guide.rar ] on the first post, extract it and there you are.
I wanna do the same thing but I´m currently work as an ilustrator/animator/etc as freelancer.
I´m trying to kick it as a side work but it´s not yet working, I´m also not thaaaat skilled but sure can put my ideas on one way or the other. I used to do game programming on amos and somethings I did I believe have potential as commercial stuff (around 12$ my guess).

My call is to start one project (the one with commercial potential) and start informal advertising+development blog at the same time.

I plan to sell my stuff digitally and by my researches FAST SPRING e-commerce seems to offer a lot of payment modes when it comes to accessibility and charge 8% IF it sells. There might be others, people around here may know.

I have been putting up a plan around this for some time and doing needed researches but my guess is that money should start flowing ok after I have a few games around, maybe 5?

My choice is to go pc/mac at start, I guess plataform like i-stuff may also help income, it looks essential to have the game multiplataform so to work a higher target.

I just wished I could wreck at least 3 months of money out of my current jobs to make it all happen... :'(

Hope all this bla bla helps you out for something.
i could possibly help
are there a lot of gfx to be done? can you estimate or show a c64 sprite sheet?

I have a portfolio here, unfortunately, it´s aimed at publicity and movies and so.

not much of my hand drawn or pixel art there... lot´s of 3d stuff.
I usually make my own gfx, but I´m still looking into time to port my games to glbasic and soo, even buy a license hehe.
after you come up with something nice (and save it before further randomizing) you can export as mid or as some tracking format, I usually dump it on mad tracker for further editing, recomposing or instrument change etc etc but I guess any tracker will do. Had lots of fun with it, different from algomusic, where it was eletronic music only, this one can rock different styles. It is the best algorithm music creator I have seen so far.
Remember algo music on the amiga? that was really nice and still is for those that can still run it.
I think I should share this one I found few years ago...

that tool generates ramdon music, it's a genius piece of software, free. You have a lot of control over it.
Tunes come out really nice.
It will not substitute a real artist (like Richard Joseph) but it sure helps on the way to compose...
go check have fun!
hi everyone,

I thought to share these for those that don't know it:

they have a set online creative tools that seems quite nice.
I haven't played with them all, but the music creator, audio creator and vector creator plays around really cool.
I don't know if the vector one will export anything good for glbasic, but the music creator is really nice to put up fast drums loop, don't random too much!

I thought to share these and I'm not sure if they can be any good but they sure have a potential.
Moderators may clear the post if this to be considered spam or something.
GLBasic - en / Re: Piracy
"* Printing a "You are a pirate!" message when detecting a jailbroken phone..."

thought of the situation... it would be funny to see.