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Quote from: Ian Price on 2010-Nov-16
And don't forget to cross all your fingers and toes! :P

kuéééé hahahahhaha :D
as an opinion, and pardon me for this...

applications you use are what counts,
I have never seen any plataform rock graphics on photoshop like macs do, never, gimp or whathever, macs rock with photoshop and illustrator and final cut and so and so , again , pcs have their share when it comes to render 3d images and precision control to open gl cards....

I love all platforms, I stick to pcs as pioneers applications tend to appear on them first , like sculptris , dp pro, curvy 3d and so many others.
wouldn't  wanna have another mac x pc thread here, we all know they are aces, it is just for research...
definitely agree with you, I'm looking to get a mac mini myself.
But around the article you may see some links to sites that show compatibility information, it may be usefull in case you have to replace something, like for example a DVDrw or power suply, and can't afford the price of the originals.

Of course original parts are the best, but just in case someone can't afford or something. I hope no one get's offended by this, the idea is always to help and share material to study/research.
Off Topic / mac alternatives
Hi all, first I'm not sure if posting this kind of things is bad, if you think it is, just remove. :noggin:

I came across this article:

it's how to build a mac with 300$ using ebay parts or so,
now I believe buying the original stuff is the way, specially a mini mac for glbasic development por i-stuff.

But the article is cool and you can read on further and read the links it provides about pc/mac parts compatibility, now that I believe may come handy for those mac users out there as you may replace defective parts with cheaper pc parts and so on.

Whichever way, I believe it is a good read. :good:
hayaaa, hoyuuuuu, huyaaaa  :D
Off Topic / Re: adSense
I agree.

Quote from: monono on 2010-Nov-11
... but maybe we can then afford an unlimited search function (dear good, I hate that 15 secs) :rant:.

I agree with that too, sometimes I wonder if it is faster to re-ask something other than trying to go through the search function, If Ads could help that it's a sure go.
right click+save and played on smp player, works fine.
Who's voice is that? is that kitty?
hey AMPOS,

I posted it somewhere and I also know this does not substitute real artists, but you may wanna take a look at this fine util here:

It may also help as place holders, or scratch to start some composition up...
Quote from: ketil on 2010-Nov-09
Quote from: erico on 2010-Nov-09
if gfx needed I might be able to help...if time allows

VERY good 3d and logo work  =D
I might use you to outsource some logo-stuff for an consultant business i run.

Thanks, get in touch.
Now those drawings from your friend are really awesome... Does he use PDpro 5?
Off Topic / Re: Books
Quote from: XanthorXIII on 2010-Nov-09
Yes, please buy MrTAToad's guide. It's a very excellent resource I have been using the past couple of weeks.

sure will pretty soon, the pdf versions thought as the printed one will be quite expensive to get them shipped to me...
if gfx needed I might be able to help...if time allows
Quote from: Ian Price on 2010-Nov-03
Quotelet's say you want your game to work one orientation only, portrait, and when you rotate to landscape, the game pauses and display game statistics and options? :S

Monkey Island does that - and it's fecking annoying. If you don't hold the device almost perfectly still the game pauses and the Load/Save screen pops up. Aaarggghhhh! (done in a pirate voice, obviously!).

What if a little delay is added, would it help the thing not scrambling? is this idea any good anyhow? I don't own an I-stuff but I worked out a friend of mine's one and the auto shift sometimes can get annoying I agree, sometimes out of nothing. Is a delay possible? if it would not break apple rules... I plan to do stuff for i-platforms so this interests me. If such rotating stuff is required, I wonder what's the fastest auto-rotate route...other than programing both views.
what if...

let's say you want your game to work one orientation only, portrait, and when you rotate to landscape, the game pauses and display game statistics and options? :S

that way the app works on all orientation right?
FAQ / Re: Books
will probably buy two of them, pdf format...nice job!
that loooooks reaaaaly interesting! congrats!