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Off Topic / Re: Glbasic to Nintendo Switch?
« on: 2022-Aug-09 »
btw its does look like Switch seens to uses standard libraries, so its acutuelly looks possible (there is documentation on OpenGL as well Clang). Im have just got the devkit today (the devkit im do can show public), so its will take some time.

Glbasic is not that one im will try, but more to get a Rusty Pixel unity game working first.

Yes there is various NDA, but if im could get it working, its should been possible for me to release it really or a least could send it private. One example of that with Unity. You does NOT need the switch to get it build for the switch, but you do need to been inrooled throught as its require the NDi (as im cant take much about that software).

but its one thing Nintendo dont like me to show, its the DevMenu.... that one hackers also uses for mod thiers consoles. So im dont gonna to show it here.

Off Topic / Re: Glbasic to Nintendo Switch?
« on: 2022-Aug-04 »
in this case its was granted to Rusty Pixels where as im is a part of and also have order a devkit to me as well. Im have still not got it, but im do just have seen the Unity port of Baggers in Space running on it (game far from finished, its done from scrath).

Yes there is a lots of NDA behind the lines, howover the devkit im will get im do can show it to the public (not all you can do that).

For Micheal its took some time to get the Unity build working and got it compiled. Its look like its based on c++ libraries with the required NDi SDK. Howover to even been granted a devkit from Nintendo you need to get the game liked first... They dont grant to anyone at all. Etc one thing for sure: its not a platform you can do clones of other games. They will reject it.

Off Topic / Re: Glbasic to Nintendo Switch?
« on: 2022-Jul-18 »
There is a lots of NDA behind Nintendo lines. First at all, its will take some time im get mine (its a special DevKit Switch with more ram, which is not needed for glbasic projects), a devkit im do can show to public (there is some you are not allowered, but not needed for cartridge games). Im dont now how switch uses c++, but there is a middleware support and not sure which system its really run it.

The plan behind this is howover porting two Spectrum Next games to Unity. But could been fun if Greedy Mouse could been ported to it. Im have no idea yet.

and me..... focued on Spectrum Next projects.

Off Topic / Glbasic to Nintendo Switch?
« on: 2022-Jul-15 »
Micheal Ware has just got approvede Nintendo Switch devkit portal access and im also getting a DevKit as well.

Im wonder if im can get Glbasic run on a Nintendo Switch? Could been cool. Long time im used glbasic (as my focus has and is still with Spectrum Next and other none computer stuff).

im have allready flagged this bug as not a glbasic bug, so im will close this typic.

today im noticed its actuelly a intefering with a antivirus. etc more precision avg cybercapture, which did only shows when you move it.... wierd as im allways have used it long time.

So not a real editor bug, just annoying intefere and no way to check it really, so im make it not a glbasic bug.

Glbasic is a OpenGL project, but Apple has deprecated it.......

Genius Greedy Mouse has finnaly no longer working in the newest iOS, property due that.

MacOS mightbeen not that has than iOS me think throught, but im do no longer have a Mac or plans to get one.

Howover the html5/Javascript one might works in a sovlution, but newer checked it, rather than doing it native code.

its wierd, im guess some how related to steam launch, even im uninstalled the game. Its happens in 2020 version as well (which has newer been happens). So currectly im have no idea yet. The second time with steam overlay.

Hi im is back again and we have a strange issue we needs too at as im not sure what happens?

Currectly glbasic compiles, run, compile, run twice (and closing the previous app). Im have newer seen this bug before.

Off Topic / Re: Covid
« on: 2022-Apr-08 »
In Denmark, im guess we all that have got it has got it. There is currectly no restrictions at all with no corona pass required (even to get a trip to Denmark outside has been axed).

Best wiches to you bigsofty, and yes im still lurking here, dispite more focus on Spetrum Next currectly and still do that.

Btw corona did also hit me too..... ski vaccation in Italy, but lucky im got all skiing days, but im did do miss the second skiing trip throught. Here corona wasent hit me hard at all. Im was back to work again week after.

Media Section / Re: Android - new icon design
« on: 2022-Feb-01 »
its property Android Adaptive Icons missing? This is why we should do the icons your self directly from Android Studio and NOT from glbasic, why im removed them. Android Studio can create those for you, but some time ago throught. Its important now.

seens to looks nice. only culprint is is the large side border, due its a vertical game as such. you could swap x and y without any issue really as its seens to been 7x8 row game? But looks nice.

Off Topic / Re: DAW for game music
« on: 2022-Jan-05 »
late repley. Im have since last month converted most of my songs to been playable in FL Studio 20.8. Fl Studio 20.9 is out, but still not tested. Just damn, because... its have finally included Sound Font player in 64bit, hehe.

Off Topic / Re: Merry Christmas!
« on: 2022-Jan-05 »
happy late year. im still lying around here, still im  night not login all the time. hihi. Anyway im hope that Tyvarian 2 game is soon finished, so im can get that game out of door, hihi. Just did a OST out of the game today, seens to done much more tunes than T1 (which was quite simple). hihi. Game still not released. still some bits require works.

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