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Hi gernot:

I buy a new HTC PRO 2 with 800x480 pixels of resolution, and I can't make applications with this resolution. You can add more resolutions for WINCE ?

I test the GPS in this machine, and work perfect.

Many thanks.  :good:

I make a simple test with this code:

ip$ = NETGETIP$()

PRINT ip$,10,10

In windows work very well, but in a Pocketpc (with 3g) and other pocketpc (with wifi) do not work.

At run, the program ends inesperately

Any idea?


I was compile some test with GLbasic for Mac OSX and the samples don't run in my Mac.

I have iMAC 20" with Tiger 10.5.5

When you click in the sample (inside mac) they not open.

Anyone know whats is the problem?