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(Google translated)

GERNOT, I apologize if the problem is already known and being resolved.

Recently doing some testing on Android that creating a screen mode PORTRAIT and setting ORIENTATION = 1 to obtain a screen LANDSCAPE, GetPixel returned incorrect values and this error occurs on Windows creating the same mode screen.

After several tests I was able to understand that the read error occurs when you create a different screen mode from original, for example on a LANDSCAPE screen (then Width>Height and ORIENTATION = 1 or = 3) to obtain a PORTRAIT screen and viceversa if on a PORTRAIT screen (ie Height>Width and always ORIENTATION = 1 or = 3) to obtain a LANDSCAPE screen.

Also on these modes of Orientation I found a mathematical relationship that shows that the command GetPixel in reality can not find the correct value of the memory by the mouse coordinates but in other parts of the screen.

I conclude, therefore, that the problem is probably just mathematics where it reads the graphics memory to take the value of GetPixel in function of incorrect screen coordinates.

sorry for My English...

I recently sent my first application to Apple, but it's been refused by a code 2.1 (Apps That crash Will Be Rejected -
The application works fine on my iPhone 3G-4.2.1 (Xcode 3.2.6 with the specific devolopment-profile, GLB-SDK 9.033)

The program is very simple, less 400 commands even if it uses the 3D instructions (no textures, no lights), I did not use other special instructions, the only I/O operation is to save a file-scores with (PLATFORMINFO $ (DOCUMENTS ") )

In your opinion, may be due to some instructions / routines that I have inserted/not inserted in the code or some settings of Xcode?
Any ideas?

iTunesConnect message:
We found that your app crashed on iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.3, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Your app crashed on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks upon launch.
with the last IDE 8.148 I've this problem, tested on Win SEVEN and iPhone 3G (4.1):

The PUTFILE command save a NEW file in the EXECUTABLE directory instead the path of SETCURRENTDIR command.

Sorry 4 the easy "basic" code...


[attachment deleted by admin]
hi, and sorry for my (terrible :shit:) English.

question: can i Compile with this configuration ?
OS: Leopard 10.5, Intel Core.
Xcode: 3.1.4

this is my first try for compile a GLB program for iPhone on my GF <3 MAC...but I receive the message
about an OLDER version of Xcode... anyway I choose to open iPhone.xcodeproj" for try it.

When compiling I have this message: There is no SDK with the name of path "iphoneos.3.0" and anyway You see that some .framework are tagged red.  O_O in the debugger mode...

so, I can fix it and continue the compiling or I can't do it?  :nw:

sorry for the photo but I no have ideas to take screenshot on MAC