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A few questions about GACK.

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Hi, I have a few questions about GACK and here they are:
1. Are there any good tutorials online apart from this one: http://gack.glbasic.com/gack/docs/index.html
2. I compiled one of the test games into an Android format, what else do I need to do to upload it to my Google Play developer account (e.g Signatures, zipalign etc.) All I have found are these and the source code:
3. Are there any other Game Engines out there for Android that require no programming apart from GameMaker, GameSalad, Construct 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2.
4. Are all games made with GACK royalty free?
Thanks and I can't wait to work with your application :D

This game and all used material is © by Dream Design Entertainment. That's the G.A.C.K. game editor. Not the games you create with it.
The G.A.C.K.-player program is free of any rights, and you can distribute your game with whatever-you-want license.
The games shipped with G.A.C.K., the used artwork and sounds are not the best quality, so you can take whatever you want and do whatever you like with them.

Kitty Hello:
Browse the forums for android code sign. Can someone help? I hate code signing :P

So, are there any tutorials for GACK, I have some great ideas for some old school 8-bit games but I have no idea what I'm doing, even after reading this: http://gack.glbasic.com/gack/docs/index.html
Thanks Kitty :)

Here you are info about Android code sign for the Market.

About the tutorials, practice with simple projects first step by step and modify thinks to see what happens. Then later, you can make more complex projects and design you own games. You need a lot of patience, but you get results.


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