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Help to create a .exe version of the game


Angus moo moo:
Hi this is my first time using this software and in my version of it their is no create stand alone button. their is only a "Publish" button which I have clicked but I cant find the game any hwere. Any ideas?

Ian Price:
Whenever you run a GLBasic program it automatically creates an .EXE. Look in the XXX.app folder (it'll have the .EXE and Media folder in).

I think he's referring to GACK Ian, which I've not used unfortunately.

Ian Price:
Ooops, yeah. Sorry about that. I didn't notice the thread where this topic appeared - that's what night shifts do to you! :P :(

GACK stuff is interpreted rather than compiled, isn't it? I don't know if it can make .EXEs.

Gernot - to the post mobile!

Kitty Hello:
The desktop version can make an exe of your game. See the videos on the site: http://gack.glbasic.com


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