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LOADSOUND with compressed Soundfiles

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Ian Price:

--- Quote ---what program did you use to convert to ogg, Ian?
--- End quote ---
Audacity for the most part,  although I have tried other converters.

I used to be able to play .ogg files on my main desktop (but I don;t use that anymore due to reliability issues), but both my laptops fail to play .ogg files from GLB - and this has been repeated by others too.

.ogg files work (with PLAYMUSIC) with GP2X and Wiz though, which tbh is where I need them to work anyway.

S. P. Gardebiter:
So what about playing compressed soundfiles with LOADSOUND? o:
Is it atleast on the todo list?

Kitty Hello:
no. I don't see any need for that and it's definitely not doable x-platform for me.

S. P. Gardebiter:

--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2010-Jun-08 ---no. I don't see any need for that
--- End quote ---

Why? I already explained it o: I want to play some ambient sounds and they may overlap. Games need atmosphere. If I use wavs they are 2 MB big but if I use MP3s they are only 200 kB big. It would be insane if I only would use 15 of them (30 MB versus 3 MB and 15 wouldn't be much soundfiles). My internet connection will die and my beta testers will complain about the huge download.
Also MP3 is a very common format, more common than wav. Why is there no need for this and why does PLAYMUSIC support MP3s and PLAYSOUND does not?

--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2010-Jun-08 ---and it's definitely not doable x-platform for me.
--- End quote ---

There are several ways to implement this:
You could decode the MP3 and save it as a wav on the harddisk and then you could play it. Or you could decode it and load it into the ram. Should work for any platform. Decoding MP3s shouldn't be that hard. I would even code it, if you want.

Ian Price:
Can't you just play them as music using the PLAYMUSIC command,  or is there music playing as well?


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