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S. P. Gardebiter:

--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2010-Jun-30 ---that's not lossless then. Well, suggest what I should do now. I don't see a way to play corss platform OGG files. Do Linux and Mac platforms already support OGG with PLAYMUSIC? (can someone test, please) In that case I'd only have to cover Win32 and WinCE. The first of them might be doable, but WinCE is definitely bad.

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure. If uncompressing at game start is no solution, then I don't know o: Perhaps there is a LPGL OGG Vobis libary. A long time Linux user told me, that Linux does support OGG Vobis (as a codec), while a native Windows version does not. (Not sure about Mac though) I can't play OGG's with PLAYMUSIC, so it seems that umcompressing is the only solution D:
Or a own file format. But I don't know anything about compression :/


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