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Cutting Wav's off instead of playing them

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HUSH is a useful command to have, but sometimes you want to be able to stop an individual sound too.

Yes, I need a StopCommand in my game too as I need to stop sounds when a game object is leaving the scene.

Can you release the command with a big beta mark on it so we can test it?


Yea HUSH is still needed but its nice to stop individual sounds.

Whilst your in there, is there a chance we can have a LOOP flag on the PLAYSOUND as we have in the PLAYMUSIC ? -  Its nice for ambient sounds so we can loop them but kill them off when not needed with the STOPSOUND.

Kitty Hello:
do it yourself with ISSOUNDPLAYING()


--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2009-Aug-26 ---do it yourself with ISSOUNDPLAYING()

--- End quote ---

Yes, you could that but depending on how much is going on in a frame it could lead to hearable gab between the end and the start of a sound.


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