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Cutting Wav's off instead of playing them

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What he said ^  =D

Ive put a loop in but seeing that its not automatic there may be a slight silence when the loop is restarted manually.  Sounds ok whilst the game loop is so quick, but I'd imagine once theres a bit more going on then the looping sound will suffer from slight silence.

Like in my game AstroCrusher which I'm porting ot GLBasic; When the enemy appears, I have an short alarm sound going as long it is on the screen. And that sound needs looping.

It's still not possible to specify a starting position for a sound sample I guess? Start x seconds into the sound for example.

Kitty Hello:
No, and I have no way to do the start at x, because I use SDL for many platforms and sound playback is quite limited on features there.
edit - cmd is in.


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