Burger Lord Released

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Bought a copy on steam - I'd be interested to know if itch.io generates sales for you - i sold a few in the past on itch but people on there seem to expect to get games for free.
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Thanks MrPlow.

First, truly, I´m hoping to distribute keys for you guys here on the forum pretty soon.
You all have helped me deeply on pushing my games forward and with code and criticism.

About the sales, it will be a while till I have proper numbers but I will make a postmortem with all the values.

So far itchio is not selling but not a week has gone by yet.
Most people that comes by are refered from my free games, so that is good thing marketing wise and within plans.
My idea is that with about 5-10 commercial games, one might direct to the others.

I wanted to push the avocado into steam this days but I´m a bit unsure if the investment on STEAM is worth it.
10 games = 1000$ , if steam does not sell and I have to do all the informal marketing push, then I will keep with itchio only for a while.

Itchio has not yet pushed burger lord into its marketing channel, as it sometimes does on its twitter.
Anyways, I will let you know how it goes and probably write all about it sometime in jan/feb.


talk to otakumaker, they might publish your game and pay the fees. This is only why im also have catchout and spotrace on steam, which was not planned. But the Powerup Elevation was.
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Awesome and can't wait to try it out. i really like the artwork too.  =D