Glbasic 14.371 RASPBERRY_PI Fatal error compiling

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Ok, I have added a vote to see if the community wants this or can see if not. I do and I am sure others could see how much it would benefit the whole community. lets hope Mr G will look kindly on us.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Please vote++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


There are a few c libs for  accessing GPIO,I don't have a clue how to use them however.


Would be nice to have SQL in, although a read/write compression system would be better



I'm got a report for this thread, but I'm is not there right mod to do something (etc split the thread as best option).. But...

Remember, Germot cannot add anything and have sparse or time recently and glbasic is quite Stable.

Also I'm have did most fixes for android and iOS versions. Pi is seen a nice little platform....
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Mr Spacefractal, hope you are feeling better, I am more than happy for you to split this thread (I would have done it but don't know how). I have been using GLbasic for many years on little projects, fun and supporting teaching. The sale vertical of IOT is starting to hit hard, with many companies making all sorts of boards. You either need an understanding of 'C' or assembly code to get your projects up and working with them; which is not easy for the general public to access or understand. In the past basic was easy for people to understand and headed up the home computing front back in the 80's and many people/companies made lots of cash. But with GLbasic does not have to waste time or money in building a board to take the advantage, just use one which is cheap ie the PI which you have done, adding in the extra functions would put it years ahead of the current competition landing you a small fortune in sales. I also know Mr G is very busy but I also know he likes to play with his electronics so I am hopping he sees the opportunity. I think GLbasic is fantastic I also think it could be the best! I also think you do a great job  :booze:


Im happy to split the thread, I'f you want. I'm just want to hear others first. Its was your own thread and one reported the topic change to me and I'm don't have issue really.
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To sum up so far things which are not working quite right on the PI.

1.   Networking (change of commands in the latest update).
2.   Drawrect just makes the whole screen blue (on my program).
3.   Print not changing to the background colour (not the text but the background part sometimes).
4.   Conversions from string to numbers not completely stable.
5.   Mouse on the touch screen completely bonkers.



2. You can simulate that with polyvector. Drawrect might fail on some platforms and devices. I'm did that in Catchout, but limited to use a palette from 4086 colors (ok for retro games anyway).

3. Print is a test command. Better use own font system based on polyvector. There is various code snippets.

4. Make sure to add INTEGER when convert a string to int. It's might fails if you don't do that, and you not used TRIM$().

1+5 it's bugs and limits.
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I´m late here but I´d vote option 2. :good:

Kitty Hello

Can you send me an example of how to GPIO-program the PI? I mean... it's just a bunch of IMPORT calls, ain't it?