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Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2016-Feb-22 »
haha, I think I can see what you mean...but no, just some support. :D

Um, how when this project is 5 years old with 20 months silence? I think you are just being too nice for no reason.

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2016-Feb-22 »
Getting there! :) :good: :whip:

I detect hidden sarcasm disguised as kind support.

GLBasic - en / Re: Hi and Raspberry PI!
« on: 2016-Feb-16 »
how does it go with R314159?

What is that?

...I believe the core problem of why GLBasic isn't as popular as Corona SDK...

Hmmm, but you have no game log and test users. The whole point of the demo version is to make games and require others to use it. Anyhow, why has this thread turned non-technical?  :giveup:

Nothing is impossible and don't tease us with these "games"! :D :nana:

That example looks like it. :) Just need to conver that PHP code to GLBasic. For example, where is sem_get()?  :whistle:

That is how I send via a web server but with TCP not UCP like with the multiplayer game. Perhaps I wil try that then.  ;)

Got a video demo?

We really need to post less experimental video demos.   :'(

There's not more that I can imagine unless anyone has some ideas to share. The most sensible I can think of, aside from games, is 3D navigation mapping but doesn't seem practical.  :x

Help file on X_SCALEMODEL says "The advantage is that X_SCALING 1,1,1 allows the X_COLLISION, shadow and bump mapping effects to work properly." and, although not used here, in X_SCALING says "Scaled objects - especially objects that aren't scaled equally in all directions - will not work with the command X_COLLISION."  :rtfm:
So I suggest removing that and generate the sphere and box within code sample from X_COLLISIONSPHEREBOX in the help file! Also be aware of culling!!!  :P

No, it simply saves to a file. In this case over netbios but I was/am aiming for a RPi local version because the whole point to this thread is to casually find out how to get it sent to the process, not a cool demo otherwise my video wouldn't be unlisted.  :zzz:

Not entirely sure what a need would be but I am thinking how it might be more portable with the Pi0. I'm sure I could demo a game but the idea that GLBasic is drawing rather than cpp. Note it's not the re-imaging that's new here as it's simply writing/reading a file. I've done this with Arduino serial video but this time I was hoping to get this 1k file as an array directly to the process. As you can see I used the Rpi2, as I am hesitant to solder in header pin in the Pi0 just for a general demo video.

"Experimental demo of 1K of bitmap data from 3D GLB screen and then read on the RPi2 via cpp that runs the monochrome OLED.
In this case the GLBasic app is running on Windows and saving locally with a forced frame delay of 100ms without frame drops. The RPi2 is connected via network drive to read the data.
If could be faster if the bitmap array (even larger colour buffers) could be passed to the process directly and also the GLB app can run on the Rpi also.
This is similar to my Nokia monochrome LCD video stream demo."

GLBasic - en / Re: Hi and Raspberry PI!
« on: 2016-Jan-21 »
There are some bugs in the RaspberryPi compiler but otherwise it's runs the same on any platform.

A file (or serial) stream seems to be my only option and I will have to try this now. I have done this before with a webcam image crated in opengl then opened in glbasic. It just requires an incremented file and then a follow up clean up. I suppose I can research g++ to g++ later.

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