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That is superbly nice! I build a wood and cardboard 3d maze last year out of an interesting design I found on the webs.
The maze is my own. I intended to add a sort of dungeon game over it, but never got too deep into it. :)


3D mazes look hard!  :D Great work Dreamerman!

And Erico, that's some serious cardboard crafting skills right there, well done!


"It is practically impossible to teach good programming style to students that have had prior exposure to BASIC.  As potential programmers, they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration."
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Thanks for sharing how you created a menu for your games pack. One of the thngs I like is how they all feel a part of the same pack, well thought out. I have a few mini games that I'd like to do this with, I will have to think about all my procedures and variables and how easy this would be to do retrospectively.

Great looking maze by the way, keep us updated on your progress!


Congratulations. That looks all pretty nice. I specially like this pipe puzzle game. I started yesterday myself to create another puzzle game in glbasic (love them) and had to decide between binary puzzle and pipe puzzle :D I choosed the binary, but soon I will also do a pipe puzzle just for fun.. One question: Dont you have to pay money to get your games on steam? Are you uploading on Itch.Io as well?


That pipe game has some story behind it, was my first puzzle game for Symbian S60 platform years ago, and managed to get to top3 puzzle games for touch phones in Nokia Store. That was so long time ago :) With GLB you can make it much more interesting with additional gameplay changes.
About your question, version is older and won't get updated with new content, Steam version will get additional games, and has Steamworks integration - achievements, cloud saves, upcoming leaderboards for highscore. Generally such 2d puzzle games without eye-catching visuals aren't popular so even on they are burried below ton of prototypes/alpha versions of more appealing games.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


Interesting to hear this too as I'd also like to try Steam for releasing a game one day. Does Steam help to make your games easy to update?

Also fascinating you came from Symbian, I too released a game for the Symbian range some years back. What tools did you use back then? I used NSBASIC for Symbian. I don't think there were too many of us using it.


im today just checked this game on my steam deck. The game works, but the controls is confusion.

When you select something, the next screen, the default one selected is on the BACK button, rather on the lastest level possible. This os very odd, which means by pressing X, you allways go from and back on same two selection screens and newer start a game. This is odd and confusion really. This is on the Twisted Line.

Also when you completed a game, its also selected the wrong one first. Its should allways auto selected on the next one really.

Both is small thing throught, not major: Its fully playable on the Deck and such a nice game to play on a Deck really. If you have used the music command? Then Vavle might have fixed it in a very recent release.
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in the Twisted Lines:

Rules could have been explained better. Im could not sovle the first level in Normal at all, until im in many tries found up, you actuelly could cross a line (which is often disallowerd in this kind of games, but its a nice idea throught). A little idea for this game, why not possible to select both ends on a line?

This would make more sense, which can been confusion since you using the same graphics on both ends and looks like you can select it, but you cant do that?

This could do a more fun to the puzzle, so you could start on a "center" off a area and does not break a sovle at all.
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About Symbian version, first attempt was in Symbian WRT (HTML, JS), shortly updated with QT Quick (QML, JS, C++ inline for OS things like minimize/resume), with addition of Inneractive network for in-app ads. Generally I had positive feelings specially from QML, but it was little to late in Nokia Store life cycle, soon Nokia switched to Windows Phone (that also wasn't bad OS).
Main reason to prioritize Steam version is that it gives chance to make any $ - wider audience, users that are willing to pay for games, and it's main platform for PC games, is good for contests, and small original concepts that are not final games - to raise interest.
Steam/itch itself doesn't imposes way of coding or something, both tool sets are easy to use for updating game builds and so on. Most important that docs are easily available so you can check how steamworks build process works :-)

Huge thanks for testing game with real Steam Deck ;) Good to hear that it's working properly without serious issues, for music I'm using this SDL2 code.

That level UI selection issue in Twisted Line, yeap - good hint, will need to look into other similar 'selection' inconveniences, so playing with gamepad will feel better. Thing with selecting only last/recent end of line most likely was designed to simplify writing 'undo move' function, and you are right, both ends should be 'selectable', that also will be fixed, need some testing if fast/easy fix will be sufficient or requires something more. I will look into help screens, maybe create some additional, specially as you can cross lines with different colors.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


Property the first level design wasent up to show that as you could chros a line (which is a nice idea for sure. Havent checked rest yet. Navigation was just a bit annoying, when im except when you press on X, you select to the next screen, not back. But there is no serious issues throught, not at all. Its still very playable.
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