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Quote from: dreamerman on 2024-Jun-23The problem with many of those 'cheaper' tileset assets is that they are missing some kind of tiles for example transition tile from grass to dirt/sand, or they are incomplete - just in basic 8 directions without variations, or character animations have only basic movement/idle states so they are good as some kind of base for something simpler or some sketch / mockups projects, yet I shouldn't also demend to much from such pack's because even with those minor issues they contain a lot of assets and offert great value to their price.

I think a good way to make a game for an indie developer is to use the graphics from an old commercial game during development and then redo them.
For example, if we are developing an RTS we can use the graphics from Warcraft 2 (even zooming them if the game is in HD) then if the game is satisfactory redo the graphics, either ourselves (with or without paid assets) or by paying a graphic designer.
This avoids wasting time or money if the game is not satisfactory.

I don't know if I explained myself well, it's not easy in English  =D
Awesome Dreamerman!  :good:
A good idea would be to use Warcraft 2 Sprites for your next demo  ;)
I really believe in the potential of RTS games in a retro 2D style.
That's great Dreamerman  :good:
The last is really good for a Zelda-likes, thanks  :booze:
Yes I have to force VSync from the control panel, if I leave it on the application settings it doesn't work  :(
Fortunately, I use a deltatime for everything because otherwise I would have had a big speed problem in my programs.
The strange thing is that I had no problems with VSync until a Windows update.
Thanks dreamerman for confirming that the problem is with my computer.
In fact I have to force the vsync to be activated but it's not a GLBasic problem because I tested with wglSwapIntervalEXT(1) and it's the same  :(
It's an Intel integrated graphics card maybe with a normal graphics card there is not this problem, I don't know...
Bug Reports / Vsync Problem?
Apparently vsync no longer works on Windows.

But I'm not sure as it could be a problem with my dinosaur PC  ::)
3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
Good news Dreamerman  :good: 

Yes, it is still in development, a 1.9 version is on the way.

I updated the engine and added an example that uses an important function for 3D games  :booze:
In the next update I will remove the "i" before each function (we know it's Irrlicht, it's not worth repeating it every function  =D )
In terms of health, I have been in the same situation since my accident, so I completely understand you.
Your partner's encouragement before they leave is likely a sign that you need to persevere (take breaks often).
You have my full support in this ordeal Bigsofty.
Yes but for 3d it's very important.
When you have some time, it would be nice to do a simple 3D Windows/Linux test to see the difference in FPS between the 2  ;)
Yes, but Steam Deck uses Proton (with Wine inside) to run Windows games. I think the game would be faster (and probably more stable) compiling it for Linux, no?.. it would be worth doing some testing.
In any case, thank you for these very interesting and informative explanations Spacefracatal  :good:
Quote from: spacefractal on 2023-May-16Im have. Please, dont uses any MUSIC commands as Steam Deck diddent like it. This is actuelly because Glbasic seens to uses Windows Media player.

But you haven't compiled for Linux?

Quote from: Schranz0r on 2023-May-09I guess you are fiddling around with your colors in Windows? :D

 :D  Maybe

It's better now, thanks  :good:
Dark theme? :-[ 

I tested beta 8 and it's much more playable, I found the sensations that I had forgotten from the original, it's very addictive  :)  Well done Spacefractal!  :booze:
I know you've temporarily given up on mobile development but with HTML5 you should be able to build versions more easily, even for iPhone. I would be interested to read your feedback on this subject  ;)
Very good Spacefractal  :good:
I just find the collisions and the laying of the dynamite a little too sensitive but maybe it was the same in the original version, I don't remember.
On Firefox the contrast is very bad and the fonts are too small  :(