Error when starting GLBasic v15

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Hello Forum,

I just installed GLBasic v15 on a Windows 10 64-bit computer and when I started the program I got an error message window stating that there was a problem with the c-runtimes and to call FIDES or see KB3118401. The message ended by saying "Do not use this software"!

Has anyone else seen this?


That is strange. Never saw such.


I should mention that the computer had not been connected to the internet in over a year.
Windows was certainly doing an update. After it is finished updating I will try starting v15 again.


Let us know how it goes, I´m interested how glbasic performs on win 10.


Hi erico.

My computer had Windows 10, build 10240 on it which is very old.
This is the version for which GLBasic v15.004 would raise an error.  (really it is v15.005 as listed in the Control Panel's list of programs)
The complete error message that was reported was:

QuoteProgram Files (x86)\GBasic_v15\EditorE.exe

Your Windows C-Runtimes have a serious bug! Please call FIDES, or install KB3118401.
Do NOT work with this product!

After upgrading Windows to version 1703, build 15063.632 I could start GLBasic without the error.

This shows it is always good to keep Windows 10 up to date!


Those KB# are usually related to win update packs.
Maybe it is time to have an updated C win runtime on the GLBasic installer to avoid that.

It is just a guess of mine.


I had similar 'issue' on Win7 64bit, just needed to download that particular KB System Update.
Nothing special as if you don't install all updates (like me :d) you can often encouter such problems - that some apps requires specific system update to be installed, or won't run properly without it...
This update is for universal C libraries so I can only assume that's due that the editor / debugging was updated and build with newer C dll's or something like this, it's always a good sign :)
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020

Kitty Hello

It's a bug in the MS runtimes that were shipped with Windows 7. The bug is fixed in Win 10 with a windows update, but NOT in Windows 7. What a coincidence!?  :sick: