ROTO, ZOOM and ROTOZOOM for PRINT for mixing screen orientation

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Dark Schneider

On iPhone once we set the project screen it can't be changed, so for changing the screen between portrait and landscape in the same application we can only do currently a CREATE/USESCREEN.

This effectively draws what we want, but it can't be used really on iPhone, the simple sentence:
drops automatically game FPS from 60 to 40 doing nothing inside, and drawing into one screen other than -1 is much worse.

Then, a solution is rotating our graphics and handling the X and Y so we play in one mode but draw in the other one, this is not much complicated.

The main problem if when we need to draw text (and we will need to do it for sure), as said before using a CREATE/USESCREEN is not an option because FPS dropping, so I think a simple ROTOPRINT could solve all this problem.

It can be extended to ZOOM and ROTOZOOM as with spritres, but that is secondary. However, in my opinion a ROTOZOOM is essential for iPhone development.

Kitty Hello

use the CREATESCREEn only once at the start of the program. USESCREEN to toggle the screnn drawing then. It might be faster.
I see if changing the rotation can be implemented.