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Came across this while searching for a 3D model viewer. Unlike a lot of the search results I got back this one is recent (updated in last couple of months), free open sourced & can export also. Opens a lot of diff formats as it's based on the Open Asset Import Library (assimp) as well.


Have fun

Off Topic / Re: Triority

Typed in the info from the site you linked & got the following response
Code (glbasic) Select
OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on SVGA3D; build: RELEASE;
The site said if I got
Code (glbasic) Select
Mesa GLX Indirect then it is using software & not hardware, which to me points it is using hardware.

True, that was accounting for worse case scenario as don't know exactly what needs to be accomplished.

My mandelbrot prg doesn't use SPRITE2MEM at all as it creates the set directly into the array & MEM2SPRITE is called after the colours have been cycled.

MEM2SPRITE/SPRITE2MEM will do what you require, however you will suffer a big performance hit. Somewhere on the forum is a Mandelbrot generator I posted that uses them commands to simulate colour cycling & the frame rate drops to around 30 fps & all that's doing is rotating a table of 256 colours in an array, nothing complex. Both commands add overheads from copying the data from sprite to an array & again back from array to a sprite.

If you want to try & go down that route & need code on the above commands to convert to your array format then let me know but that will incur a performance hit converting the sprite array into the 3 separate arrays you mentioned. If possible it's best to work on the actual array that the sprite commands generate.

GLB doesn't provide support for locked buffer operations hence why SETPIXEL/GETPIXEL are slow, if your could read/write directly to a locked buffer then all manner of pixel effects open up. I know it can be done in SDL but I'm not 100% GLB uses SDL on all platforms & if so how to access it, other than possibly with inline.

EDIT, found my forum post Give that a go & see what your FPS does.
Quote from: MrTAToad on 2014-Aug-21
They look very old!
That's because they are not the sdl_mixer packages but Haskel wrappers.

@Hemlos, Try a search using underscore not hyphen so sdl_mixer as that's what they are under mine (openSUSE 13.1)

Other than the quick & dirty iso one I posted using polyvectors (which was only done to show another way of viewing the noise plus added FMB to roughen it up a bit) by last exploration of landscape generation was on the Amiga in Assembly language & lookup tables lol. Basically a long while ago  :D

Quote from: matchy on 2014-Aug-19
Alternatively, what I wanted to original to with the demo was to have it as one object (top face) with it's slant to the next tile height, so it looks like proper terrain. :whistle:
That's just a simple plane generated from an array, pretty sure on one of the noise posts (cant remember if perlin or simplex noise) I posted a program that scrolls the noise isometric style drawn with polyvectors. That wasn't drawn from arrays but rather calculating the noise per frame so major performance hit.

Not sure if this would help but glEnable(GL_CULL_FACE) might give a boost over scanning what faces are visible or not as unlike a minecraft style display where there are cubes possibly above & below these ones are just adjacent to each other.

I'll have a look, am pretty sure I saw an algorithm somewhere that culls cube faces as if your close up you only see one side & if far away the maximum you will ever see are 3 sides.

Also personally any of the cubes that's blue I would make them share the same colour so there the same level like water should be as there not small enough to simulate waves or such but that's not the point of the demo.

Your demo seems to work fine Matchy. Things look a bit odd if you go below the cubes as looks like faces are fighting each other to be viewed.

Other than that what feedback are you looking for?

Off Topic / Re: Triority
Is there a way to check if it's hardware or software rendering?. I only ask as recently installed opensuse in vmplayer and the tron lightcycle game runs at over 250fps & that's 3d. Granted it's not the most demanding 3d but I wasn't expecting a fps that high especially only running the vm with a single core.

Off Topic / Re: 3D Modeller
DeleD is a free modeller aimed towards low poly/games 11MB download & supports quite a few file formats included, UV editor etc (& I think it does lightmapping also). I used it quite often when I was using Blitz3D & while it lacks power features, for low poly games modelling it does the job pretty well.

There's also wings3d, another freebie but lacks animation features, & I'm sure Hexagon from Daz3D is still free which has lots of features.

I would say all the above are very good for getting your feet wet in 3D before moving onto a more advanced package & more than capable for making game graphics (unless your after mega poly AAA grade game graphics).

Granted Blender is without doubt the most powerful of the free ones but there is a price, basically steep learning curve & a UI from hell, that's just my personal opinion from spending many years with Cinema4D & what I think has the cleanest UI of all the 3D software (probably slightly biased  :D).

Off Topic / Re: Triority
I don't think Mr T is using GLB as a library, more of making his own system based on GLB commands I believe.

GLBasic - en / Re: Gernot
I basically assumed that Gernot's absence of late was down to it being summer time & him being with his kids & family, perhaps even a holiday  =D. I have no idea when German schools break for summer like here in the UK or even if they do but that's my thoughts.

I don't have & can say that it's extremely unlikely I will ever have an iOS device, the look & the use of the UI etc is just a glossy pile of bloat the same as OSx to me, plus to a lesser extent the lack of customisability is just not me. That is just my personal preference & I'm in no way saying its rubbish or anything as that's just stupid, just each to their own. Everyone has their personal likes & dislikes, although there are people that have things just because it's the "IN" thing & there will always be a "Mines better than yours" group also.

Is my Android phone & tablet better than an iOS device?, in my case yes as they do everything I want & fit my needs perfectly whereas an iOS device suits others perfectly.

Funny thing is I have zero interest in any mobile development. The games & apps I like & use on mobile are not of interest to me as far as developing is concerned & the opposite is true to PC in that the apps & games I use on that I have no interest on mobile. Puzzle type games I think are the only genre that I have a shared interest in playing on either platform.

It will be interesting to see what further development will be done with regards to iOS & Android other than the obvious hardware improvements like cpu speed, battery life & so on but more in way of OS progress.

I read an article on Apples site about new iOS & OSx features & most of them are just yet more bloat & gimmicks. One in particular stood out & that was the ability to start writing an email on your iPhone & if you was in range of your Mac (assuming it had the right bluetooth adapter installed) you could continue writing that same email on your Mac & vice versa. Perhaps it's just me but that sounded so much like a gimmick rather than a useful addition to an OS & something that could be done at any time with an app. It might be useful for some but tbh if your at home/work & your Mac is there why would you want to use such a feature other than the very rare occasion where you get called away from your desk, even then chances are you have been called away to do something so wouldn't have time to finish it off on your phone anyway.

Android is no different with regards to bloat & features that majority of the users are totally unaware of so they are both as bad as each other  :D. Also Android has the advantage that you can develop for it on practically any PC & dev costs are lower, sadly because of that Android suffers from a greater amount of shovelware compared to iOS.

Thanks for moving & splitting this off to a separate topic, I blame my medication for going way off the original topic  :D.

Yes Google are just as bad I agree, there was a system update to my phone to 4.4.2 a few months back which surprised me as my phone has been replaced by 2 other models (the Z1 & Z2) & Sony are pretty good at dropping support for non current items. When I got my phone last year it was on 4.0 or 4.1 & tbh other than the appearance of the notification area & the lock screen I can't say I have noticed any other changes so presume most of them are under the surface.

One thing about Apple's system is you know what's what, i.e iOS 7 is exactly that whereas Android has names with version numbers & API numbers all of which are different for example KitKat 4.4.2 API whatever  :S. On the other side of the coin with iOS you have to work out which devices work with the current version, however since Apple products are a known entity it's not as bad as the huge array of different Android devices.