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Hi Ocean, I have the same result what you, I try whit some images maded in Photoshop and 3ds MAX and WIA don?t show well the gradient.
Hi I?ve a trouble with light when compile to wiz, at compile at windows no problem, because shading well the geometry, but when I launch the aplication in WIZ, the color is plane, no exist degradate (shading) in the geometry.

?Works lights on compiled to wiz?.

P.S:This occurs in 3D mode

HI Ian, I play you game, and it?s very good, I stayed in the fourt puzzle, the graphics and the mode to play is very nice, and graphics show very well.

Very good work
Do you know this web??, is from Spain and be people what made something interesting about WIZ, I think what the languaje not is a great trouble(English).

Best regards Ivan J(mentalthink).
Hi, a llitle problem, again in the WIZ, is about when executes a game/aplication for second time in WIZ, maded whit GLBASIC

When you run for first time the aplication you can exit of it without problems.

But if you exit of aplication and turn again to run the same aplication/game, when you can exit the screen appears frreze, and the console turn  locked.

This problem not only affect to me,to another people too.

Thanks, again.
Hi Kitty, don?t worry, if in next version can be supported, we can made great things adding videos to the wiz for presentations of the games.
Hemlos I tried only to compile for the wiz whit your implementation in C++, but the compiler can?t do it, send me hat te compilation failed.

Thanks to both for the quickly rensponse.

Att.Ivan J(mentalthink)
Hi, I?ve got a trouble//dude about the videos for the WIZ, I try to play a video on wiz, but the screen is black.
Ehen I compile on windows the video can see, but in WIZ don?t work, what compressor of video I have to use for the WIZ?

HI Kitty, finally, my wiz runs 3d OK, tahnsk for support of GLBasic
Hi thanks for yours quick resonse.
MrAtoad:The firmware of my wiz is the last download today and gl basic is too the last, in aprinciple I think what the trouble can be becuase Icompile under xp 64 bits, but I tried in the laptop and the result is the same.

Ocean:If what you say is thru I think what i loose my money, because I thinked what gl basic can be 3d projects.

Thanks again for your asnwers.
HI, everyone, today I buyed my license of glbasic, so I can make something about 3D with my gpx2wiz, but I don?t know whats happens, because nothing in 3D works, the screen is in color black, excepts if I load a bitmap, but geometry in .ddd dont works.

Can you help me??,please.


Sorry, by my sintaxis, I don?t spike english how my first lenguage.