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GLBasic - en / Grabsprite troubles
« on: 2007-Sep-19 »
Hello! We are having troubles with grabsprite, in the example code below it will only grab two sprites, the other two becomes black or transparent or whatever, they do not display at least.

Also, the first sprite is missing the upper corner 3 pixels (colour #EADFE2), the second is missing random pixels here and there. And the > DEMO message up in the left corner is upside down :-)

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
LOADBMP "background.bmp"  // just some random patterns in gray and white, 320x240
GRABSPRITE 1,0,0,32,32
LOADBMP "bluedots.bmp"  // Some blue and white dots 50x50
GRABSPRITE 2,0,0,32,32
LOADBMP "lila.bmp" // purple single colour 50x50
GRABSPRITE 3,0,0,32,32
LOADBMP "white.bmp" // white 50x50
GRABSPRITE 4,0,0,32,32

DRAWSPRITE 3,100,100
DRAWSPRITE 4,150,100
This is ofcourse not the program we have troubles with, this is the easiest way to recreate the problem.

The pictures are all made in Paint Shop Pro 5 but we also tried paint with the same result.

Any idea what the trouble is?

GLBasic - en / Newton
« on: 2007-Sep-19 »
I just downloaded everything fresh today

GLBasic - en / Newton
« on: 2007-Sep-19 »
Are the Newton samples supposed to be able to compile on a demo-compiler or should I give up getting them to run? I only get this error message:

"..\NewtonSDK.gbas"(22) error : redefinition as different type

This is on the first #ifdef line, if I remove all those and only leave the windows line I still get problems lower down, same error message.

Did you learn to program basic before you started with GL-Basic? I think a little basic knowledge is good before you start with games, saves you a lot of troubles.

The tutorials isn't commented as good as they could be for a basic newbie, they seem more intended on people that already knows basic fairly well. Look up a tutorial on google, most of them should be possible to do on GL-Basic with some smaller changes. For example the print command needs the positions on the screen, that is usualy not needed on other basics.

Good luck!

GLBasic - en / key () question.......
« on: 2007-Sep-18 »
If it's animations you are talking about then you can see it in one of the example videos on this site.

GLBasic - en / Newton
« on: 2007-Sep-14 »
Sounds interesting, looking forward to see your work completed!

GLBasic - en / Rotate camera
« on: 2007-Sep-11 »
GLBasic says it doesn't know X_UPVECTOR, do you mean X_CAMERAUP? I will try that out if I can figure out how to know what direction to tilt it :-)

GLBasic - en / Rotate camera
« on: 2007-Sep-10 »

This is me taking of from Kathmandu airport, banking right after takeoff. How do I do this without having to rotate the whole heightfield? :-)

The explanation you gave is only for horizontal turning left/right and up/down. I'm not sure how to make the camera follow thru a curve like this.

GLBasic - en / Rotate camera
« on: 2007-Sep-10 »
My wife will translate to german tomorrow, I hope she can make it more clear than I can in english :-)

GLBasic - en / Rotate camera
« on: 2007-Sep-10 »
I see I was a bit unclear. I have the rotation forward and left figured out, what I can't get working is rolling the camera angle so I can make the horizon diagonal. If you think of a plane banking left or right while turning.

So I have to rotate everything else and leave the camera at 0,0,0? How does that work with measuring the height of the heightfield we are traveling on? X_COLLISIONRAY works just fine now but I guess I could do it faster with some math.

GLBasic - en / Newton
« on: 2007-Sep-09 »
Pinball game? Gimme! :-)

GLBasic - en / Rotate camera
« on: 2007-Sep-09 »

I was wondering how to rotate the camera. X_ROTATION 10, 1,0,0 before I place the camera doesn't work, it just exits when I try to start the program, no error code.

I'm trying to create a bike-sim (very simple one ofcourse :-) I can drive around the landscape but I can't tilt the camera to recreate the lean into curves feeling of driving a bike

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