Bluetooth for Android?¿

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Hi guys is possible add to GLbasic a BT library for Android , I think will be very interesting for do electronic Projects, in example with Arduino and some cheaper board.
I know for Windows CE works, in fact I did a little project some years ago and runs perfect, but this Library don't works under linux systems.

Someone can do this (Really I don't know how start to port a library in C++), for iOS I don't say nothing because I prefer have the apple very far from me.  :whip: :whip:

Grettiings my Friends and happy Christmas.


I think Gernot just added that for the next version.
His posted printer COMPETITION seems to be all about the bluetooth connection from android to the printer and possibly PC soon.
Check it out:;topicseen


Ey Erico  :booze: :nana: How are you ?¿ I expet fine ;).
Thanks for the link I show just now, and I think can be very interesting for do things with Arduino can be very very interesting... Arduino is really easy but very powerfull, and do a nice UI with GLbasic on android can be really great.,

Thank for the link. (I think now I have to mount some machine with Win).

PS: Take a look to Blender 2.8 EVEE will be awesome  ;)