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The mouse problem for W10 corncerns all versions after 12.308.
Thanks a lot, it works.

Strange that you can't put a single "\" in a string.
I tried to put that in as a string but i got syntax error. The compiler seems to not accept absolut adresses in a string.
I tried saving as 2003 xls but can't get it to work. Think I give up, but thanks anyway.
It can be so but I want to manipulate new files so install an old version is not an alternativ. Interesting though that it is possible to do.
Code (glbasic) Select
XLS_Init(TRUE) // Yes, show excel


XLS_SetCell(1,1, "5")
XLS_SetCell(1,2, "10")
XLS_SetCell(1,3, "=" + XLS_CellName$(1,1) + "+" + XLS_CellName$(1,2))

LOCAL string$
XLS_GetCell(1,3, string$)

STDOUT "reading: "+string$+"\n"



Either it open a new file or, if I try to open on the first line, I get "NULL passed to autowrap"
GLBasic - en / Libary call
I want to open an excelfile with a call to a function that is declared like this: DECLARE(ExcelOpen, DLL, (const char* szBook), int). I don't know C but I tried to place the excelfile in the same map as the app and just called with: XLS_Open("t.xlsx") but it doesn't work. Its a program in the Showroom/page 7/Excel interface.
This was god news!

Is it a big differens betveen 12 and 14 for windows programming?
This was perfect because now I also see the icon in the window. 
Quote from: Schranz0r on 2015-Apr-03
Here we go!
Sry, yesterday there was not enough time for me :/

I remove the window Menu, so you only have the windowcaption available.

Thanks. It works as I wanted. I don't care about having the close button for this projekt but is it possible to modifie the inline code so that you keep it?   

Quote from: Moru on 2015-Apr-02
If it is some background process that has no grafical output you can just compile it as a console program. See the checkbox in the project options. Ofcourse there are some limits on what commands you can use for console programs so this only works if it's some background process that does not display anything except for text.

I tried that but I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted with just console commands. Its not graphic but I want it to interact in a way that wasn't possible in a console. 
Quote from: Schranz0r on 2015-Apr-02
You have to change the Windowstyle.
I make a example later

It sounds like its that I need so I am waiting.
Quote from: spacefractal on 2015-Apr-02
Im thinks this issue is due glb_do_pause() is called outside the main loop, etc a new thread have been created, but glbasic is not threadsafe. So its can crash sometimes. Im believe that function should only been called after or before SHOWSCREEN call.

Im did seen that in Android, and moved the calling pausemode to SHOWSCREN, which seens fixed it. Im believe its can happens on other platforms, which also include Windows (here im thinks minimize buttons is same as Hibernate).

But for Windows you should could do this to avoid it (its does not crash here):

Ok intresting but I have set the autopause and autopause false
I have a program that have to loop all the time and what I have understand you then must uppdate the screen in the loop but then you cant minimize without a crash. I want to either not uppdate screen or get rid of the minimized button so that the user not can crash the program. Is it possible on Windows? 
Every one man project dies soner or later but I really hope this will live on for a while. You could learn something else but GLB is so simple to learn and remember and yet functional that you can get something real done also.