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Ok, Thanks, now I am less confused  :).
Ok. I cannot find the link to it. That in the upper right corner gives me 15.004. Sorry if I missed something obvious.

Edit: When I did an internet update in the program it gave me version: 15.238.
What is the latest version of GLB? The offical link points to 15.05 but there are other numbers here and there.
Ok I guessed it was something like that but now I know what to search on.
I have not programmed anything for any other platform than windows in GLB but now I want to begin to do some apps for Android. I have therefore a very noob quests about this. I can't see any commands for using all the diiferent sensors so how do you do that?
Ok thanks, its that stright forward. I haven't worked so much with files in GLB and thought it was more complicated.
To be more specifik. Is there any method to create files with a loop or a method to save data in another form? I have thought about save in a bitmap.

In dark basic there is a command to save an array in a file so it should be possible. 
I have also this question regarding a 4 dimension array.
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Ok you mean client in that way. That could be useful.
GLBasic - en / Re: GLB vs C
Quote from: kanonet on 2016-Apr-05
I cant imagine a scripting language like python to be faster than natively compiled languages like C/C++. I think they just use it, because its easier for them and still fast enough. Generally I would advice you to simply write your code and benchmark it, thats the best way, if you want to know the performance.

No I don't think it is fast enough for what I'm doing but it was the part with using another language -like GLB - as a client that made me interested. But I don't really know what that means.
GLBasic - en / Re: GLB vs C
Quote from: r0ber7 on 2016-Apr-04

Neural networks? If you're considering switching to a different language for AI, Python is the best language. A lot of academics work with it, which are basically the same people that do a lot of AI. There are tons of modules.

You could run a python API, and have a GLBasic client.

Im playing with a boardgame - five in a row for testing but I plan to use the principles for other games to - and when I made it playing with it self for learnig I just use the term AI for it.

I will sure check out Python for it. How do you use GLB as a client btw?
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No but I really don't need it. It only terminates when a array go out of scope and other errors I have my own methods to find. But to be fair I guess it doesn't have to be that way if you use debug.
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I think so to partly because it doesn't seems to do så much error checking. If you get to many element in to an array for example the programs just terminates. I like that crude simplicity and I hope and belive it also means its fast.
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It looks rather direct but I im not so skilled in C that I can get in to to much detail.

I am one of the basic mutilated persons that you refer to in your signature so I rather want to stick to GLB but with C you at least dont have to deal with oop. 
GLBasic - en / GLB vs C
For what Im programming GLB is perfect but I wonder if I could get better performence if I did my programs directly in C whit SDL or something or if I could gain much by do more in inline. How much is it between GLB and the C code it produce? I do some AI stuff and it is really importent that it is not a factor 10 or more slover than it need to be.