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Topics - Robert

What is the latest version of GLB? The offical link points to 15.05 but there are other numbers here and there.
I have not programmed anything for any other platform than windows in GLB but now I want to begin to do some apps for Android. I have therefore a very noob quests about this. I can't see any commands for using all the diiferent sensors so how do you do that?
GLBasic - en / GLB vs C
For what Im programming GLB is perfect but I wonder if I could get better performence if I did my programs directly in C whit SDL or something or if I could gain much by do more in inline. How much is it between GLB and the C code it produce? I do some AI stuff and it is really importent that it is not a factor 10 or more slover than it need to be.
GLBasic - en / Libary call
I want to open an excelfile with a call to a function that is declared like this: DECLARE(ExcelOpen, DLL, (const char* szBook), int). I don't know C but I tried to place the excelfile in the same map as the app and just called with: XLS_Open("t.xlsx") but it doesn't work. Its a program in the Showroom/page 7/Excel interface.
I have a program that have to loop all the time and what I have understand you then must uppdate the screen in the loop but then you cant minimize without a crash. I want to either not uppdate screen or get rid of the minimized button so that the user not can crash the program. Is it possible on Windows? 

Just began with GLbasic and I wonder if it possible to get å,ä,ö (swedish) printed with the print command. For example ö gets printed as v and even with PRINT CHR$(246),5,0,1 a get v. I understand that it can't support every language but is there mayby some trick you can use. And how is it with DDgui does it support them.