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G'day everyone, I've just released my first ever app! It's a game called Ghost Maze, and is currently available for iOS.

In this game you explore a 3D maze, with a limited time to find the exit before the ghost comes after you. You collect gold coins to gain extra score and copper (green) coins to gain extra time.

I've started many apps but had trouble actually finishing them, so it's good to get something completed. GLBasic proved to be a very practical tool for getting this game up-and-running within a reasonable time.

Comments welcome...



are the ceiling and floor just one plain?
Or is the depth effect archieved through fogging?


I've done the floor and ceiling on the same grid as I used for the walls, so each is composed of individual squares. (It might have been more efficient to use just one square for the ceiling.)

For the floors I wanted some sections to be able to open up as trapdoors, so had to use separate squares for each floor segment.

I use exponential fog (at a density of 0.1) to try to give a sense of depth. I had wanted to use more interesting lighting and to try to give the effect of torchlight. However this was one thing I found very hard to work with in GLBasic. After experimenting with many types of ambient light and spotlight I couldn't get a satisfactory effect.


Congratulations Warwick. The first game in the AppStore is a great step!  =D  =D  =D Now you have to improve your skills perhaps with some foes, weapons, etc...  :good:  :good:


Sounds like a nice maze engine then,
Trapdoors are always a nice challenge :good:
Good work :good:


you dont have very much time in this game, which can been a little shame (but its works well). That mean you have to stress throught the maze rather im did seen this as a relaxed game as a start.

BUT the game its self is well executed, well made game, nice control and a good little game. Its also have nice uses of 3d, which shown even with simple graphics, its does works as its should.

More of that!

If im should do something request in a future version (if you made one), that could been random generated levels with the same concept. Time have could of course been number of coins and size choiced by user.
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Thanks Alex_R, nabz32, spacefractal ... I appreciate your comments.

I think you're right about the time limit spacefractal. Earlier versions of the game I think allowed too much time, but now I've probably gone a bit too much to the other extreme and allowed too little. I might re-adjust that a little bit.

I actually had trouble importing 3D models into the game. One of my sons created a range of interesting and quite complicated models but I couldn't manage to import them. I also tried to use 2D sprites in the game (via the X_SPRITE command) but couldn't get that working either!

So the end result is a maze that's mostly devoid of other characters, and it's more of a puzzle game than a first-person shooter.


its can been allways hard to judging thing like this. property you could add a easy mode to all levels by adding 50% to the time, while you can keep the time for the normal mode. The maze layout can been extractly the same. But you might add or remove coins in the easy mode version.

The game progress could been separated as well.

This is just a idea.

Keep up your work.
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