ChargeIt - an app for playing with electric fields

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ChargeIt is basically a sandbox electric fields game. You can move your charge around, and add/remove static charges, which your moving charge will fly around. It's pretty hard to keep your charge on the screen, though!
All in all, it's a fun and interesting casual app.

Get the free version on the play store here:

Get the paid version here (more features, like multiple moving charges, wider speed range, charge trails):

Be sure to rate it 5 stars on the play store! =D
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Are you nuts? I have work and a life to keep up!
My dog! by the video I´m afraid to download the app...not that I´m not going to to do it of course....let you know how it goes and some criticism. :good:


I like a lot, very very interesting perhaps in 3D can be more excinting!!! but a Love the UI and the physics, I'm not sure if you did it or you use the box2D or another engine but for App I like a lot, perhaps you can search some idea for make something more arcade starting from this point and using the Physics... Really I like a lot.


I didn't use an engine for the physics, just native code and equations that update on each loop. I'll look into making some sort of game based off of this too.
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I'll say this for it - it' like nothing I've seen before!  :good:
Execution and UI very good!
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SBElectric the another day I was thinking about a game whit your app, perhaps you can do a Snake Game, the game of always but using this kind of control, can be cool or can be a crazy, but I think make a Snake game can be easy to add to your engine...


A game using this engine, could been you creating various set of levels using the blue and the red dots, and then the user cant move them.

But then ten the user need to been find a good place for the black + and make sure its dosent go "out of charge" too early. If its could hold onscreen in X secs, then you have won the level.

Also if you want a more complicered game, there could been more than one Black +, required to been set by the user.

This is just a game idea. The executing here is pretty nice really  :good:.

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In the future I'll be sure to do something like that  :)
Be sure to rate it well to get the word out too!
Cool stuff and whatever