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I've been looking into fractal terrain generation lately, as I'm currently working on a Minecraft clone and want to have a good randomized, realistic terrain. Well, I ended up porting an old C++ Perlin Noise routine into GLBasic, then adding a GUI wrapper to control its output.

At the moment, it only draws and exports 2D representations of terrains, but I will soon add in 3D viewing/exporting.

New 1.2 release on 7/29!
Download it here: http://sblectric.com/downloads/TerrainGen-v1.2.zip
C++ and GLBasic code included for the actual algorithm.
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Looking great!

If you're interested, here's a thread discussing voxel style graphics, and algorithms to only add exposed quad faces of a random voxel grouping.  Later perlin noise (simple implementation) is added to make it appear more Minecraft like. 


Seems to work fast enough for small worlds (128x128).  Some more optimization would be needed for larger worlds maybe.  It does implement a chunking system, by breaking the world into predetermined size chunks (8x8x8 for example).  This concept speeds up the calculation, plus updating a voxel is much quicker.

Keep us posted on your progress, looks promising. :good:
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Nice and interesting program, thanks for the code always it's good learning C++ for GLbasic , thanks.


Very nice!
Looking forward to 3D version
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Great stuff and just what I was looking for my flat 3D environment and catchup on a bit of inlining. :enc:


It's working really great on my Minecraft clone. Looks good so far! Here's a video of its current status (terrain, physics (still buggy), block placement, walking, etc.)
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Hey!  =D You know I like that. How about some more distance views?  :whistle:


Here's a good one:
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I agree, very nice!

Are you telling me this is running at 936 FPS?
What size world is this? 256x64x256?

What's next?  Add/destroy a block?  Water?  Can't wait.
My current project (WIP) :: TwistedMaze <<  [Updated: 2015-11-25]


It's more like 500-800 now that I added placement, and I achieve this by grouping all the blocks in a chunk into a single object, so instead of ~300 draw calls per chunk like I was getting before, it's now only 1 per chunk.
Here's a video:

Yep, world size is 16x16 chunks, or 256x256x256.
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You code this in GLBasic?

Did you use VBO or Immediate Mode?
I <3 DGArray's :D

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Indeed, really neat. :good:


 :nw: :nw: :nw: guapísimo, How many polys you can move?¿, really this it's very good, and the Editor, I love the simple UI....



I guess technically it's VBO mode, as I'm loading all of the chunks' vertices and data into memory at startup/chunk update. As for the amount of polygons, it renders two per block face (pretty standard, I don't have poly grouping or anything fancy), and only renders the block faces it calculates to be visible (colliding with an air block).
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