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I don't know if this matters, but changing the username or even the page of the user will generate new results... but then going back to the old URL returns the old ones again.  :noggin:
I'm making a little program that will get your reddit karma for my friend, and it's pretty much this:
Code (glbasic) Select

// get your reddit info

where user$ is your reddit username. On reddit, when your karma clearly has changed, NETWEBGET$ returns the same value as before.
Also, it seems to take less time to access the information, as if it's accessing a local cache instead of the webpage.
When I try to use NETWEBGET$, I can get the contents of the webpage just fine. However, if I make the same call to a webpage that has been updated, it still returns the old information. It's almost like it's working off of a cache or something...
Thanks, I will, don't worry. 8)
And of course if I ever want to make this game commercial, I'd have to switch from fmod (you're not even allowed to use fmod v.3.75 for commercial at all) to something like OpenAL, and find some free or cheap royalty-free car models, or *gasp* make them myself...
Switching from fmod to OpenAL would bring other benefits, like more platform support as well...
It's been a while, so I thought I'd give another update, with a video coming soon.

Currently, I have implemented:
- Circuit race track
- AI driver (he could use some fine-tuning though)
- 3D car engine sounds (old fmod library)
- Tachometer (no gears/transmission yet)

Really close:
- I am so close to having the game know your race position (1st or 2nd)
- Smarter AI

Going towards:
- Full transmission with varying torque sent to the tires
- Split time leaderboard functionality
- Full controller support
- More cars
- More car sounds (crashing, scraping, tire squeals, etc.)
- Local/online multiplayer (should be a doozy!) or even split-screen multiplayer racing
- Menus and selection screens

Ultimately, I really want this to be a full-fledged racing game.
Yeah, I've fixed the center of gravity (the Newton function for setting it was not wrapped correctly), now the car no longer tips over! =D It seems that by doing this the car also no longer flies upward when hitting the cones or crates, so hit two birds with one stone there. Now I'm convering my older, clunky code to utilize TYPEs. So it's getting there.  :)
About the bullets physics - would it be any easier? I really haven't seen a lot of vehicle stuff being used with physics engines. I may look at the commands and see what differences there are, etc. Also, the new version of Newton is apparently completely different than the GLBasic ported version (1.53 I think). Plus the many other open-source and free physics engines out there... :noggin:

In due time, I'll experiment with some of these, I guess. But thanks for your interest and support in this project. I promise to make something awesome out of it, whether it be a crashing game, racing game, or maybe even a strategy FPS with vehicles.  :)
Just a preview of a 3D driving game I'm making using the Newton library.
For anyone who may be interested, the Mazda MPV came from the Google Sketchup warehouse (with a few edits by me, like the spoiler and paint job). I started this with the template wrapper for the Newton DLL that is included with the samples, but ended up adding all the vehicle functions in myself. The Newton vehicle joint is not the easiest thing to work with, so I've had a lot of trouble leading up to this point. So, I give you this preview, after much time spent swimming in blood, sweat, and tears.  :good:

Megaupload is down... :rant:

hmpph... I guess you gotta make the best of your situation, so:

Download it on then! =D
In my opinion, it wouldn't be the same without Mario. I'll be fine with my ripped sprites. Besides, the game's buggy. The physics I made for it are a pain.  :noggin: btw I don't know when I'll do this... I need to actually buckle down and finish the level editor...
But I think I can finish this one in a bit of time  :good:

I was thinking it's pretty plain. How about something like NSMB where the user has to collect special coins perhaps?

Oh OK I see. So something like this would be faster:

Code (glbasic) Select

FUNCTION Distance3D: x1,y1,z1,  x2,y2,z2
LOCAL a=(x2-x1)
LOCAL b=(y2-y1)
LOCAL c=(z2-z1)
RETURN SQR(a*a+b*b+c*c)
Oh. Sorry, didn't see that. Cool!
The Fmod library!

FMod has pitch-shifting in that it changes the rate of playing.
I've used this for, i.e, changing the music when time is under a certain amount, like Mario games.
The speed of the sound is directly related to the pitch this way.
Hope this helps.

From the help page:

Code (glbasic) Select

Sets a channels frequency or playback rate, in HZ.

signed char F_API FSOUND_SetFrequency(
int channel,
int freq

channel The channel number/handle to change the frequency for. FSOUND_ALL can also be used (see remarks).

freq The frequency to set. Valid ranges are from 100 to 705600, and -100 to -705600.

Return Value
On success, TRUE is returned.
On failure, FALSE is returned.

Just take a look at FMod in the Projects folder.
I'm not sure about the newer versions of FMod...
Also this probably won't work on iPhone or anything portable like that
Just a Mario Game I started last year then got bored. My code was pretty long, so I gradually lost interest.
Tell me how you think of it.
(Windows only)

Megaupload (Zip file):

There's World 1 with six levels (1 boss)
and World 2 with a level or so.

And a few secrets......

Oh, I might have left my file in there, so, uh, just use a blank file or delete it.
Works very well with a rumble gamepad, that was a feature I worked on. You can map the controls.


Enjoy guys!  =D