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That's weird, since PLAYSOUND plays sounds fine.
It's not the path, since WAV files kind of work as described above. I've tried every type of music file and ALSA instead of PulseAudio backend, to no avail.
For some reason it isn't working for me. Any tips?

Note: WAV files are sort of working, with the music playing successfully. Unfortunately, the "No Device" window still pops up and defocuses the game. Other encodings don't seem to work at all.
PLAYMUSIC works fine for me on Windows, just not on Wine.
I got the IDE (latest 14.371) running fine in Wine in Linux, and pressing F5 to launch the game works and the game runs perfectly, except that PLAYMUSIC throws an error when it tries to play a file. This is just PLAYMUSIC's fault btw, as PLAYSOUND works fine. Instead of playing music, the window pauses and a pop-up window titled "No Device" appears. Is there any fix for this, or will I have to play my games without music from now on?

Also, it seems that the IDE's debug mode just crashes under Wine.
I updated the download link to v1.2, released today.

New in v1.2:
- changed library dependencies
- Save as binary file (could be useful as a raw import)
Binary file format:
*.bin or any file extension
File Header: TGBIN followed by newline
Header packet: TGH followed by width UWORD and height UWORD
File packet: TGF followed by newline, then the raw IEEE data stream of each pixel

Note that the IEEE data "pixels" range from 0.0 (lowest) to 1.0 (highest).

Download link:
I actually came up with a fix for that already. Just replace the inline code after the global declarations with this:
Code (glbasic) Select

typedef int time_t;
IMPORT "C" int time(void* timer);
IMPORT "C" void srand(unsigned int seed);
IMPORT "C" int rand();

I'll update the code on my website to include this new stuff soon. However, I still can't seem to get it working on Android, as it crashes on open.
In the future I'll be sure to do something like that  :)
Be sure to rate it well to get the word out too!
I think I'm going to wait until I have a bunch more features before I optimize the graphics to use VBO. Though it would help chunk updates and loading times a bit. As of right now I'm getting a solid 800FPS with just native stuff.  8)
I didn't use an engine for the physics, just native code and equations that update on each loop. I'll look into making some sort of game based off of this too.
I will when I fix the physics and add a bit of threading to chunk updates, as they freeze the game for a quarter-second maybe each time you place a block.
Seems to be running quite smoothly even with 16-chunk render distance atm. Of course, I haven't added in all the goodies like mobs and crafting/cooking/brewing/etc.
Looks pretty cool. I've always been a fan of retro remakes.

ChargeIt is basically a sandbox electric fields game. You can move your charge around, and add/remove static charges, which your moving charge will fly around. It's pretty hard to keep your charge on the screen, though!
All in all, it's a fun and interesting casual app.

Get the free version on the play store here:

Get the paid version here (more features, like multiple moving charges, wider speed range, charge trails):

Be sure to rate it 5 stars on the play store! =D