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I got the IDE (latest 14.371) running fine in Wine in Linux, and pressing F5 to launch the game works and the game runs perfectly, except that PLAYMUSIC throws an error when it tries to play a file. This is just PLAYMUSIC's fault btw, as PLAYSOUND works fine. Instead of playing music, the window pauses and a pop-up window titled "No Device" appears. Is there any fix for this, or will I have to play my games without music from now on?

Also, it seems that the IDE's debug mode just crashes under Wine.

ChargeIt is basically a sandbox electric fields game. You can move your charge around, and add/remove static charges, which your moving charge will fly around. It's pretty hard to keep your charge on the screen, though!
All in all, it's a fun and interesting casual app.

Get the free version on the play store here:

Get the paid version here (more features, like multiple moving charges, wider speed range, charge trails):

Be sure to rate it 5 stars on the play store! =D
I've been looking into fractal terrain generation lately, as I'm currently working on a Minecraft clone and want to have a good randomized, realistic terrain. Well, I ended up porting an old C++ Perlin Noise routine into GLBasic, then adding a GUI wrapper to control its output.

At the moment, it only draws and exports 2D representations of terrains, but I will soon add in 3D viewing/exporting.

New 1.2 release on 7/29!
Download it here:
C++ and GLBasic code included for the actual algorithm.
Finally, the second preview! I have fixed the vast majority of physics issues since the last update.  8)
Pretty much everything is new and VASTLY improved.

Currently, I have implemented:
- Set game resolution (fullscreen / FOV as well)
- Circuit race track
- AI driving routine
- 3D car engine sounds (old fmod library)
- Newton physics
- Tachometer (no gears/transmission yet)
- Race position in the leaderboards (a toughie)
- Stencil buffer shadows (a REAL toughie)

Soon to be implemented:
- Track obstacles (breakable fences, cones, etc.)
- Split time
- Lap counting
- Speedometer
- Gears and transmission
- Transparent windows

In the not-so-far-off future:
- More cars
- More tracks
- More sound effects (even a switch to OpenAL)
- Menus and settings

The project is coming along nicely, but sadly it has been slowed somewhat by my college priorities.  :doubt:
When I try to use NETWEBGET$, I can get the contents of the webpage just fine. However, if I make the same call to a webpage that has been updated, it still returns the old information. It's almost like it's working off of a cache or something...
Just a preview of a 3D driving game I'm making using the Newton library.
For anyone who may be interested, the Mazda MPV came from the Google Sketchup warehouse (with a few edits by me, like the spoiler and paint job). I started this with the template wrapper for the Newton DLL that is included with the samples, but ended up adding all the vehicle functions in myself. The Newton vehicle joint is not the easiest thing to work with, so I've had a lot of trouble leading up to this point. So, I give you this preview, after much time spent swimming in blood, sweat, and tears.  :good:

Just a Mario Game I started last year then got bored. My code was pretty long, so I gradually lost interest.
Tell me how you think of it.
(Windows only)

Megaupload (Zip file):

There's World 1 with six levels (1 boss)
and World 2 with a level or so.

And a few secrets......

Oh, I might have left my file in there, so, uh, just use a blank file or delete it.
Works very well with a rumble gamepad, that was a feature I worked on. You can map the controls.


Enjoy guys!  =D
Code Snippets / 3D Distance
2nd post...
For any 3D game you need to know the distance between two objects, there is this function I made:

Code (glbasic) Select

FUNCTION Distance3D: x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2
RETURN SQR( POW(x2-x1,2) + POW(y2-y1,2) + POW(z2-z1,2) )

My first post! Woo!  :D

When I call GETCOMMANDLINE$() the commands are separated by either quotes (if they contain spaces) or just by spaces. Here is a function that will separate each one into elements of an array.

Check it out.  =D

Code (glbasic) Select

FUNCTION CmdLine: cmd$,e$[]

LOCAL a%,b%,exit%,pos%,endpos%


DIM e$[0]


IF pos>LEN(cmd$)-1 THEN BREAK

SELECT ASC(MID$(cmd$,pos,1))

CASE 34 // if the value is an open quote

IF b<pos+1

DIMPUSH e$[],MID$(cmd$,pos+1,endpos)

CASE 32 // if it's a space
INC pos,1

DEFAULT // if it's any other character

IF b<pos+1

DIMPUSH e$[],MID$(cmd$,pos,endpos)