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Would it be possible to add a mem2wav option much like the mem2sprite function (and a loadwavmem command)? This would then allow basic sound manipulation (like speed up and slow down by altering the sample frequency) on the fly and give the option to generate tones without the use of wav files being prebuilt before hand. Also any music and sounds could be hidden in the source rather than being separate files that could be ripped out


Would like one for fonts too...

I think this can be very usefull...

About the audio in mobile devices.... wich it´s the library uses, OPENAL, for all devices ?¿...

mem2wav could been usefull to add example adpcm wav support and such thing....


LOADSOUNDMEM(Soundinfo info, num%, buffers%)

Soundinfo is of course a type that contant info like resoulution (16) and frequency (44.1) used, as well the bank array with the sound its self (neat if could using a BYTE/SHORT array, not INT). That mean GlBasic never would seen if we converted from ADPCM to PCM first and hence possible to add new formats to sound would been possible.

Also manipulate sound that would would been possible too, but its of course cost by memory.



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