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MikMod Tracker music to work on all supported platforms - not just Android

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So, as has been noticed previously MikMod tracker playback is working for Android. Using PLAYMUSIC with mod files will play just like an MP3. Its part of SDLmixer so it could also work for Windows and iOS too.

Please consider making MikMod compile for other platforms. Bearing in mind the size restrictions on mobile apps it would be very helpful to have tracker music playback for iOS as well as Android. MP3 music files are often the largest media files in a mobile app project. Being able to use tracker music instead would allow for considerably smaller packages.

I think its worth pointing out that cery few successful popular mobile apps use MP3 files or their equivalent for music content. Most use tracker playback of some kind for the reason mentioned above.

Attached to this post is a little test app that can be used to see if modular music files can be played. Right now an attempt to play a file with PLAYMUSIC returns a negative value in WebOS and iOS. A positive value is returned in Win32 but no music plays. Android works fine.

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This I would love to see working on windows (well all targets to be honest) as I have a large collection of mods I could put to use without the hassles of making an MP3 from them. Also like you mentioned the savings in filesize would be a great benefit to all platforms.

I hope it can be made to happen  =D


This would be interesting!
Will read about it later on.
Unfortunantly I canĀ“t help much on a port or getting it to work :(

Doing a search in the GLBbasic/compiler/platform directory's for SDL_Mixer (required for mod/midi playback) brings up all targets except Win32/CE & iOS which might have something to do with it & looks like Windows uses directsound.

At a guess that could be a cause of why no output from windows. If someone could confirm this might or might not be the case please do say.



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