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Getting a Linux program up and running #2

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Gernot hasn't had much luck with it...


--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2009-Nov-23 ---does anyone have a static libC++5.x? please? (GCC 3.3.3)

--- End quote ---

Do you still need this?

Kitty Hello:
I would. But then, all my SDL libs and such rely on that. I need to throw all the libs away and get totally new ones. The main problem is, that they are so tightly connected that I seem to need a 200 MG package just to get it linking...

MrTAToad:  I am curious if you have tried GL compiled games under 10.04 and what steps you had to go through to get it to work?

Normally I would try the beta, but for some reason I haven't downloaded it yet...

Time to get on it :)


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