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Glbasic to Nintendo Switch?

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Micheal Ware has just got approvede Nintendo Switch devkit portal access and im also getting a DevKit as well.

Im wonder if im can get Glbasic run on a Nintendo Switch? Could been cool. Long time im used glbasic (as my focus has and is still with Spectrum Next and other none computer stuff).

Ian Price:
That really would be awesome :)

If anyone can, I'm sure you could :)

Yup, if it's possible... what an addition!  :happy:

There is a lots of NDA behind Nintendo lines. First at all, its will take some time im get mine (its a special DevKit Switch with more ram, which is not needed for glbasic projects), a devkit im do can show to public (there is some you are not allowered, but not needed for cartridge games). Im dont now how switch uses c++, but there is a middleware support and not sure which system its really run it.

The plan behind this is howover porting two Spectrum Next games to Unity. But could been fun if Greedy Mouse could been ported to it. Im have no idea yet.

Kitty Hello:
Sounds cool, but might be hard, becausd usually even a filesystem is missing.


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