Android Crashes

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Hi Pron3rd

Your issue is the same as I had after 2.7.2 -

1. find GLBasic 12 folder and then >compiler>platform>android>bin

2. edit glb_build.bat

Change target from 19 to 18
set ANDROID_TARGET=android-18

Hopefully this should fix it.
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he uses stuck glbasic 10, which dosent uses Android Extras. That fine to get it working first. In that state Android Extras is of course not required in that point. is a different issue which might have caused by different glbasic versions. Im guess its not used in api-8, so its confuse the stuck glbasic v10 compiler. So better delete that  distribute\Android folder to clean up.

Also Android Extras v2.8. Api-19 will been required, so next AE cant been fixed by changes back to api-18. So uses the full install, where api-19 is included.

Im will uses few KitKat (Api-19) features now:
- Fullscreen on Kitkat using the official variables.
- Using DIRECTORY_DOCUMENTS instead of DIRECTORY_DOWNLOADS for PLATFORMINFO$("DOCUMENT"). PLATFORMINFO$("DOCUMENT") cause pretty much useless in many Jeally Bean devices as well and finally fixed for KitKat.

But of course AE is still backward compatible with a least Android 4.0 (api-14) when running on a device (but only current api used is requried for dev). Im can no longer support Android 2.x, since im have no devices using those versions.
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I dunno if we need support for android version before 4.x .
I have an old 2.3 and it sux.
Go for 4.x and kitkat is the best because backwartscompatibility will make
to much work ,or ?


when im see on Google Play, they are now under 10% in uses. Its compared something like iOS4.x or iOS3.x. Im also not support iOS4.x at all too in the 64bit xCode project. They will require iOS5 and up anyway.

Mostly its the gamecontroller support that might interfere with older Android versions. Support for them became really first in Android 4.0. Older Android versions did support them, but they was mostly hacks.

Im do make sure to check which build the device is on for the newer API. But since im have no older devices, im wont support them for eventuelly issues. Im do check build setting if the api support or not from Api-14 and up.
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