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Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Oct-30 »
im did only test this game. This should been a lesser issue me think. Its such a game that would been quite fun to play in a short session on a Steam Deck, like this one. You actuelly only need to get it work with a xbox controller. If your game dont support other controller, you can disable it, and let the deck remap it instead (when playing on a tv). Im do howover not tested this feature.

Im diddent seen any issues on the banners on this game at all? Im do really like the side banner on this one.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Oct-30 »
Im today finally tested this game on my Steam Deck.

This game is NOT combatible yet, but its does run, but covered up by the Media Player.

The issue is the same as im have on all my games, when using the MUSIC commands.

You need to convert them to samples and uses samples to play the music. You could also load all music in memory at once (as they was a sample), as we have so much memory today to avoid eventuelly delays under loading as well file space.

Property the first level design wasent up to show that as you could chros a line (which is a nice idea for sure. Havent checked rest yet. Navigation was just a bit annoying, when im except when you press on X, you select to the next screen, not back. But there is no serious issues throught, not at all. Its still very playable.

in the Twisted Lines:

Rules could have been explained better. Im could not sovle the first level in Normal at all, until im in many tries found up, you actuelly could cross a line (which is often disallowerd in this kind of games, but its a nice idea throught). A little idea for this game, why not possible to select both ends on a line?

This would make more sense, which can been confusion since you using the same graphics on both ends and looks like you can select it, but you cant do that?

This could do a more fun to the puzzle, so you could start on a "center" off a area and does not break a sovle at all.

im today just checked this game on my steam deck. The game works, but the controls is confusion.

When you select something, the next screen, the default one selected is on the BACK button, rather on the lastest level possible. This os very odd, which means by pressing X, you allways go from and back on same two selection screens and newer start a game. This is odd and confusion really. This is on the Twisted Line.

Also when you completed a game, its also selected the wrong one first. Its should allways auto selected on the next one really.

Both is small thing throught, not major: Its fully playable on the Deck and such a nice game to play on a Deck really. If you have used the music command? Then Vavle might have fixed it in a very recent release.

Im actuelly used this for only one thing for some of my games: Checking if Steam Deck is used. The reasons is some of my games is default set to a windowred mode. This is a no go on the Steam deck, where im wanted full screen mode...... Actuelly got to work fine.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
LOCAL mySteam AS stats_manager_object, i1%
LOCAL isok%=mySteam.Init%(1)
IF isok%<>0

also if you dont check the steam was init or not and user launch the exe outside steam, then its will crash. Hence im checking for that.

Im recently try to get all games to work with Steam Deck. Karma Miwa was wierd when connected to a tv and default resolution was used. Lol. Its was long time im actuelly used glbasic (other than small tools used for Spectrum Next stuff, Etc Baggers in Space: Detour and currectly Crowley World Tour 2).

Im have fixed all my 5 games and updated them all, so they all now works on Game Deck.

Karma Miwa uses comply of tunes and just load them when needed (they does not load on startup). They loads pretty fast, so im have no trouble to uses its as a SAMPLE really. Howover its a game im choosen to uses 22khz as the music was converted from the mp3 versions anyway and did not hear any differents (sadly im diddent have wav versions of those tunes). Also when a small tune is needed (jingles), it seens its load just instant with no stutter at all.

Power Up Elevation also used few tunes as well. Rest is just using one tune. Etc Spot Race as the longest one (over 6 minuttes long, about 65mb and still using as a SAMPLE, and loaded just fine).

The main points its works as intended, dispite im no longer have control over the volume after tunes has been started. So im changed options a bit in Karma Miwa.....

Also a bass/fmod implemetation is of course only doing if found on a property function or doing it in a function its self.

btw nice steam api implement, and im have used that for detection if the game running on a Deck or not....

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBASIC updates this year?
« on: 2022-Oct-05 »
im could. im just diddent want to do that when we have so much disc drive today anyway. its about 20-50mb or such and music now in highst quality. hihi. Got the 3th game to work, which was quite a bit annoying.

Im just got my Steam Deck recently. There is a issue with the MUSIC commands as this start a fullscreen window, that cover up the gameplay window, cause the games unplayable. So im have in this case choosen to uses samples as music and forgoe saving disk space for tunes.

This can seen on all my games, but im did do managed to fix Greedy Mouse and Spot Race. Both games run nicely on the Steam Deck and both updated to the official version.

Now im need to fix the rest, so they dont uses any MUSIC commands. But we might need to implement either bass or fmod, so they can been used when found? here im dont care about older versions really.

A Direct linux build is NOT required for this device. Only PLAYMUSIC and such commands failed.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBASIC updates this year?
« on: 2022-Oct-04 »
Im can tell glbasic does run fine on Steam Deck, so here Linux port is not required, but its dont like the MUSIC commands througts (as its open a fullscreen media player window instead, cause the games unplayable). Rest seen to work fine hopefully. Im is currectly gonna to fix all my 5 games, so hopefully can run on the Steam Deck. But currectly im is locked out by updating my games for some odd reasons for testing (using a beta branch)..... hmmm.

but instead im just using wav by now with sample. Better than it fails. We dont have those bandwidth limits anymore like this, so im dont bother with that, even the game might grow up by 20-30mb or such. Depend on game.

Off Topic / Re: Glbasic to Nintendo Switch?
« on: 2022-Aug-09 »
btw its does look like Switch seens to uses standard libraries, so its acutuelly looks possible (there is documentation on OpenGL as well Clang). Im have just got the devkit today (the devkit im do can show public), so its will take some time.

Glbasic is not that one im will try, but more to get a Rusty Pixel unity game working first.

Yes there is various NDA, but if im could get it working, its should been possible for me to release it really or a least could send it private. One example of that with Unity. You does NOT need the switch to get it build for the switch, but you do need to been inrooled throught as its require the NDi (as im cant take much about that software).

but its one thing Nintendo dont like me to show, its the DevMenu.... that one hackers also uses for mod thiers consoles. So im dont gonna to show it here.

Off Topic / Re: Glbasic to Nintendo Switch?
« on: 2022-Aug-04 »
in this case its was granted to Rusty Pixels where as im is a part of and also have order a devkit to me as well. Im have still not got it, but im do just have seen the Unity port of Baggers in Space running on it (game far from finished, its done from scrath).

Yes there is a lots of NDA behind the lines, howover the devkit im will get im do can show it to the public (not all you can do that).

For Micheal its took some time to get the Unity build working and got it compiled. Its look like its based on c++ libraries with the required NDi SDK. Howover to even been granted a devkit from Nintendo you need to get the game liked first... They dont grant to anyone at all. Etc one thing for sure: its not a platform you can do clones of other games. They will reject it.

Off Topic / Re: Glbasic to Nintendo Switch?
« on: 2022-Jul-18 »
There is a lots of NDA behind Nintendo lines. First at all, its will take some time im get mine (its a special DevKit Switch with more ram, which is not needed for glbasic projects), a devkit im do can show to public (there is some you are not allowered, but not needed for cartridge games). Im dont now how switch uses c++, but there is a middleware support and not sure which system its really run it.

The plan behind this is howover porting two Spectrum Next games to Unity. But could been fun if Greedy Mouse could been ported to it. Im have no idea yet.

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