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It's a simple query but I am really wondering if there is a way to set the texture brightness for a 3d object, preferable without lighting objects in the scene. Much like ALPHAMODE but without the opaqueness. I'm not sure if ALPHATESTING can do it or X_SETCELSHADES then with lights if I have to.  :-[


Just a guess, in case you access these textures individually on an image level, maybe fading a blown image over it could do the job? That means you have to keep anothe texture set for such. Otherwise I would need to know what you mean by ´brightness´and ´opaqueness´.

Maybe set the objects to a fixed white or black color and alpha fade the textures? I´m noob in GLB´s 3d so forgive me if it sounds too naive... ;)


The current way is to reconstruct the 3d object to reset the vertex point colors, which is okay. What I mean by ALPHAMODE is against black, where the object looks darker rather than faded when it actually is.


hmm, I´m still not understanding that, can you illustrate it somehow?


The idea is to tile terrain blocks and reducing the brightness of each texture or emitted light from the object, the lower the block. In effect this will give the effect of shading in a hillside of a ratio 0.0 to 1.0.

Right now I am thinking and trying the most efficient way is to have ten object blocks with varied vertex colors.


Did you give a go on the bump map feature? You can add a black and white image there and simulate what you need If I did understand you correctly.


I've worked it out.  :)


Nice going! :good: tactics or action coming out of it? (sir.. net multiplayer please)
I kind of get the meaning now, considering the fractal height map on the other thread.

Good job!


regarding bump mapping,
could I use it to get a similar effect like the one i currently use in my jump and run,
without having to redraw my triangles twice?

Here is a pick of the effect:

I never used bump maps so far
and i am eager to try it out.

// Result

I better reserve the Bump Maps for depth effects on textures,
also I occured crashes when trying to overwrite / update an object that has been drawn using a bump map.