WiFi Beacons

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Prototyping WiFi syncing. In this case the idea is some simple beacons. Each time any client device joining/leaving one device server will be included in the sequence. Here are two iPods, an Android phone and tablet as client connect to a server on the PC. Colours/frame information are sent to the devices.


Very nice, I think this for projects Multimedia or visuals can be nice... perhaps it´s better using a UController whit leds panels or something similar... but it´s very nice the visual FX whit the mobiles.


Yeah the idea is not really to create a beacon app but more of an experiment with comms. In this case, the server is doing all the work and there is no interaction with the client.

Ultimately when creating this, I dream of obtaining 100s of these are forming a display screen matrix where each device is a pixel (or more like 4, 8, etc). Might not be easy updating 100 devices for 15fps. Example, 'The Much Larger Board of Many Ping Pong Balls': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A1ZEgLELtQ

Ian Price

A cool idea and yet more proof that GLB doesn't just do games and is as versatile as you imagination :)
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Indeed a challenge of imagination because the creative process is not planned because there's no drive to spec which makes it fun limit and learning process. This is the perfect example where I was working on comms techniques and decided that this would be a good and simple test, whilst thinking "hey maybe this could be an store app for artistic installers".


HI matchy for this of visual FX and not too much expesive you can make something like this:

I comment sometimes about Arduino, it´s very easy programming, it´s something like GLbasic, or more easy, the only bad it´s the IDE, very very simple, you can use Eclipse too.

Arduino, you can mout yourself a board, for about 8 or 9 E, buying the ucontroller in ebay(if you need info please comment me), and if you don´t have too much idea about soldering, or you have to buy and all this thing, you can buy, an Arduino mounted, each model have a diferent prices... better buy in China, but sometimes not are 100% compatibles.

The matrix led, perhaps this it´s abit more expendive becuase each led, have 3 colors... but I´m sure it´s more cheaper than buy 100 phones... sure  :good: :good:

If are interested comment me, but in internet you have a huge information about Arduino.

PS: I think to make a port for Glbasic, i think the great trouble I will have, it´s make the Avr-Gcc compiler works whit the GLBasic IDE... at today I´m a newby whit this of programming.  :-[ :-[


I like this, there's something really cool about visually seeing devices talking to each other in such a base way.


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Although it was just an idea I have no aim or drive now to create a matrix and if I did I'm sure there are many Arduino solutions if someone wanted to try it.

The aim here is to control these segments as devices via tcp....so I suppose along the line of this concept perhaps there are tcp/wifi  electronic modules (probably with linux) to try at least as an alternative to device os.


Hi matchy, in Arduino I have a TCP/IP connector and I can connect Arduino to internet... about using a only Matrix whitout microcontroller, I´m not sure how do it, you have to think in an schemtic, perhaps more complex than use whit a uController.

I do a bit of Spam, for if anyone want use it, it´s a Basic, and it´s Deustch Technology too, it´s BASCOM, and you can programming a lot of uControllers, not only Arduino. Only for Advice for if anyone want have a fun time whit Volts and electrons  =D