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I was just wondering if there were any smooth timing and flow techniques for NETSENDMSG and NETGETMSG$. At the moment, these are called on every loop cycle and each time the player coordinates are sent/received in one line/loop which are plain text that is array split. It working okay but I'm wondering if I'm missing something.


That's how I've done it in the past and it worked fine for me.


Do you or anyone else have a server I can try out as I'd like to see some examples?  ;) PM me sometime when you have one up!


Alrighty now....I have some smooth multiplayer client to server action happening without delays or hiccups.  :good:

The command NETNUMPLAYERS when called on every loop cycle seems to stall/hiccup the client so I just poll it less times now, which includes updates the player list.
It will also return, for example, some 5 digit number for the player count, which i discard as an error.

Player positions are sent to the server each second cycle for broadcast because there are other additional NETSENDMSG in the same cycle.

So it's works fine now but I'm wondering what methods are used to find out when someone has joined and left.  :-[ Currently I have an array, so is difference comparing the old player list with the new the only way?


I don´t have a server, not even a static ip.
net commands are a bit alien to me.

But I have a good connection and the comp stays running everytime.
If there is anything I could help with it let me know. :good:


Yes great erico I will try to get a basic server demo once it is stable and it will at least be interesting to see how it performing over wan. Currently it plays fine over wifi lan and ipod touch is fine. Although I am pleased I've 6 player clients and 1 server on 4 machines at once performing fine but just some issue with player joining and quitting code logic to resolve.


eeenvy :blink:

I still don´t understand any of the internet commands or how it goes about.
I live in Brasil ,so maybe I can help you testing extreme distances over net? :)
Count me in.