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Here's some new technology that demonstrates coding whilst the game is running with space/time mapping. Coolness plus.  :good:


Awesome, be nice to have that kind of authoring :D |

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Does GLBasic have a feature request page?  :P
Ha, that is totally amazing!  :nw:
Any details on what this is?  Or where to go for more info?
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Ian Price

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I think this is his homepage

This could be the full video, not sure
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Looks very cool, is it some kind of interpreter?


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Quote from: okee on 2012-Mar-14
I think this is his homepage

This could be the full video, not sure

Yes that is the full video & I recommend a viewing as more great stuff explained including the except from the 1st post.

Also this is related in someways as the art from this was by the same person & beside it looks a cool game  :D

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