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3D (plastic) printing is cool enough but now items can be replicated and printers self replicate also.

The portable (one of) self replicating mini printer.  8)

Better that factory quality Nerf gun. So cool and just add screws and springs. Note to future...print metal! ::)

Industry micron scanner half a hair thick. Scan inside gears in selected colors! Amazing. :good: :good:

Kitty Hello

a 3D printer that really replicates itself would be awesome.
That's real "Shareware"


I really want to get a MakerBot replicator.
Asobi tech - the science of play.
Spare time indiegame developer.


MakerBot looks just great, I would probably spent the rest of my life creating toys...
We sure are to see some great advancements on this field this year.


Some days ago I was going through my martin mystere collection, and there was one story about a 3d printer, but this was published somewhere on the 70s early 80s...quite nice


Quote from: Ocean on 2012-Feb-24
Indeed, progress in material sciences promise printable metals, ceramics, what not.  Also note that 3D printing is already used

This company does ceramics that you can use with food:
This other company does gold, silver, titanium and stainless steel:

Been thinking of testing them for ages but first I need to relearn some 3D program :-)


Oskar van Deventer from The Netherlands creates lots of puzzles, and he also makes use of 3D printers for all of his prototypes, check this one out -> :D

(offtopic: his puzzle designs were even included in a Nintendo 3DS game :nw:)


my god! :O

I sure would like to invest my life into doing this kind of things! :good: