Bad file descriptor

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When trying to connect simply with NETJOINGAME, it works fine from Windows to iPod/iPad but not iPod to iPad. It may have connect once or twice but mainly I get "Bad file descriptor". (I don't know if that is a part of the network error). Also, I was wondering about looping the request to join, so that if there is an error with the host, it can try to connect again as I think the timeout is set to fixed at 5000ms.  :S


That usually means the file system is corrupt  :blink:

Or too much network information is being sent for some reason (or its being corrupt)


Any tips on NETJOINGAME? Perhaps I will have to try SOCK_ method.

Kitty Hello

can you post some more output? And what command fails?


It's simply a NETJOINGAME. It connect to the Windows version from the iPad no problems. I will post more details when I can.